Why You Should Visit a Lighting Showroom to Make Your Selections

Much of our daily life is based on interacting with the internet. For the most part, that’s a good thing. The convenience of the internet has become part and parcel of our everyday world.

For some things, though, the internet cannot hold a candle to the real world. Selecting new lighting is one of those situations where it simply makes sense to visit some lighting stores in person.

Here are four great reasons to visit a lighting showroom.


The real thing beats photos on a website. No matter how stunning or detailed a lighting shop’s website is, a visit to the showroom itself can’t be beaten. You can see, touch, and experience the lighting in person.

For some purchases, it makes no difference whether you use a website or not. Lighting is different. There is simply no substitute for visiting a lighting showroom.


In the store, you’ll receive personal attention. Online, the most you can hope for is an interactive chat session. You’re making a purchase that is going to change the way you perceive your entire home. Talking through that with a real live person in the store will help with any situation you might have.


Experienced staff members can answer your questions. When you shop on a website you need to know a lot of information before you can make a selection.

When you visit a lighting showroom, the expert staff wants to help you. They can help you figure out what lighting you’ll need, how to install it, how it is going to coordinate with the rest of your home and a myriad of other details. As good as the internet is for some things, waiting a week to get an answer to an email question is not going to help much.

In-store personnel also understand how to help you experience the lighting. They can suggest bulbs, or placement or even steer you to the lighting you need rather than the setup you originally imagined would be the best.

Product Selection

It isn’t just the number of products available that make for a good selection of lighting; it’s whether those products are going to suit your lifestyle.

Online, you are the only person to judge that. In a lighting store, you can browse the displays and find the setup that calls to your heart. Online all you get is a list by product number.

Buying lighting is an experience that is going to make a significant difference in your life. You owe it to yourself to make that kind of decision after visiting a lighting store in person.