Why not prioritize our sleep with the best organic bedding source?!

Over the past decades, where filtered water remained our top priority with various brands coming in, we now need to find more natural options for sleep as well!

Why sleeping environment is important too?

We spend almost a third of our life sleeping which obviously calls for a better environment which in turn, will give us a proper health. A third of our day and we are in contact with the fabric, we sleep in. we see and hear for a third of our day, the light and sound present during our sleep. Optimizing sleep is quite an easier step to improve our overall health. It just calls for our small efforts and we can just sleep and reap the benefits of it. Optimizing the area and duration where we sleep can add benefits to improve our sleep quality.

Why choose Natural Bedding?

The finest flax fibre fabrics were used by the Romans as a prime material for their togas. A culture throughout the history has favoured natural bedding over others because of its capacity to rebel micro organisms and dirt. Modern studies prove that linen bedding is perfect for people with allergies, eczema or just sensitive skin type. It even makes a perfect choice for the kid’s bedroom.  

Synthetic fabrics often contain plastics and other chemicals which isn’t a good option either as these plastics chemicals can be absorbed by the skin. Depending on the clothing worn during sleep, a person comes in contact with the bedding for a larger part of the day and this is easier problem to be solved than clothing.

Linen as a natural fibre actually provides very comfortable microclimate during colder months despite of our imagination associated with summer and hot weather. For freezing type of people, linen duvet cover and linen quilt is always comforter. These natural fibres are always soft and become softer when used and washed repeatedly. With every washing it becomes more and more pleasant to touch. Some researchers have also proved that sleeping on such sheets gives an effect of light massage to prevent the early ageing of your skin.

The natural sleep environment:

Some of the problems to be addressed at our homes are:

Light and Sound:

Artificial light, especially the blue light can impact sleep patterns and circadian rhythms. Using blackout curtains in bedrooms to block light from outside sources like street lights and headlights is one crucial option. Removing electronics and other objects emitting such artificial lights can even solve the problem of sleeping disorders.

A Good Mattress:

Finding a good mattress and suitable box spring that will work for you is a long and frustrating process. But once you find it out, you will have a much better sleeping environment. Studies have proved that Linen bedding serve twice as long as the cotton sheets, and thus it indeed is a worthy investment despite the fact of linen being more expensive.

Each and every item is a prewashed fabric and hence it would be soft from the beginning to give you a more pleasant comfort. Just browse through the given links and order today, because your sleep is more precious to us!