Why Are the Investors Coming to the UK?

The UK has touched the peak marketing goals in the past couple of years with inflows of as much as 22 percent increase, the statistics show. It has become one of the main business hubs in Europe and has gained popularity amongst the foreign investors. One would ponder, why not? The UK government has made the economic growth and development programs one of its vital policies and has invested in and for it. This positive trend has also seen a boom in property investment over the recent year.

Let’s now talk about what has attracted the investors to invest in property in the UK.

  1. Votes from the World Bank

The UK has had its share of being the favorite guy at the World Bank. It has bagged the top ranking with factors like 13-days requirement and a 24-hour registration time to set up a business. Both of these have contributed to the smooth business pathways.

  1. Highly Competitive Tax Market

Tax reductions no doubt attract property investors. The UK decreased the corporation tax to 21 percent in 2014 and 20 percent in 2015.

  • The interest in Emerging Economies & European Countries

The FDI increase can be credited to the interest of start-ups and the emerging economies in the UK. This has certainly gained it the vote of confidence.

Talking about the vote of confidence, what else could attract FDI more than the interest of fellow European countries? France, Germany, and Italy have been amongst the top European investors

  1. Political Stability

The UK has seen political stability and non-interference policies by the monarchy. This condition has mainly attracted not only the foreign investors but also European rivals like Italy (which has seen instability in recent years).

  1. Low-Interest Rates

The weak economy has resulted in lower interest rates this year thus keeping the mortgages low.  This has always been a plus in the eyes of the investors.

  1. Stamp Duty Cuts

The new legislation has abolished stamp duties on properties of around £300,000. This has shown to save buyers around £5000.

  1. Low Rents

Property rents have decreased with the percentage of 1% this year owing to the Brexit migration. The landlords are thus seen to show interest in property investment.

  1. Students’ Interest

With top universities located in the UK, around 70,000 students are looking for affordable accommodation, every year. This is also one of the main reasons for property price hikes and thus has gained the attention of investors.

Furthermore, the amazing connection of subway and rails has made far off places easily accessible too. People now find it easier to move and are not impeded by transport issues.

Your capital is at stake whenever it is introduced in the market, so it has to be invested thoughtfully. It should be entrusted into safe hands and thus requires thorough research before-hand. Visit RWinvest for more insight into the amazing investment opportunities in the UK.