Which Are the Best Bedroom Blackout Curtains?

Are you sick of your neighbors spying on you through the windows? Can’t sleep during afternoon because of sunlight? Millions of people suffer the same; however, the solution is simpler than you think. Buying new curtains, you can say goodbye and forever to annoyances like these. However, curtains that you must choose must have a special design that prevents visibility and entrance of natural light from the outside.

The best for this purpose are bedroom blackout curtains. These curtains are usually very thick and made in dark colors such as black, navy blue and brown. Obviously, while the fabric is darker, it tends more to be heated when exposed to sunlight. To solve this, some have an outer layer of reflective cloth, usually silver, to repel the largest amount of ultraviolet rays and prevent heating.

If you live in an area that is too hot, these curtains will help keep fresh air inside your home. In fact, windows are one of the main heat generators in home. When sunrays hit the glass, the air in contact with the surface tends to heat up, raising internal temperature of home. The best way to prevent this is installing bedroom blackout curtains.

Bedroom blackout curtains can be found in different sizes and models in specialized stores. They’re usually manufactured with a dense polyester fabric. Some have two or three layers of fabric to ensure optimal insulation. However, the most efficient to prevent heating are those provided with a reflective layer.

If you ever wondered why hotels on the beach have curtains with a silver coating, the answer is obvious: to increase performance of air conditioners. However, in very cold areas, bedroom blackout curtains are also used. In some places of the world, at certain times, sky doesn’t darken during night hours. Obviously, for inhabitants of those places, trying to sleep with sunlight that never ends, it must be in real challenge. That’s why most of these people install these kinds of curtains in their homes.

Interestingly, for cold areas, are used materials that stay warm regardless of temperature changes. Some special fibers such as 240 GSM polyester have this feature. Other natural fibers such as wool and cotton are excellent thermal insulators, but their durability and strength is low compared to polyester. Synthetic fibers are usually recommended for curtain manufacture because they’re easier to wash; allergens don’t adhere so easily and are resistant to the attack of pests, such as moths.

If you want to have durable curtains with an original design that you can’t find in any store, you can get your own custom curtains directly from the factory. Several large companies are engaged in small-scale production of custom curtains. If your windows are so big that no curtain in the market can cover them, don’t worry. You just have to call one of these companies and indicate dimensions, design and required material. Surely you’ll get better prices than you would find in a store.

Many of these companies have their own websites, where they answer their customers’ questions. If you don’t know where to look for the best custom curtains, starting searching on the Internet is a good option.