What is an air-conditioning system and how to take step during maintenance?

An air conditioner that works well and has always worked well cannot miss gas for the simple reason that it is a closed and hermetic circuit and if it is missing is because there is a leak in it. A leak in a refrigeration circuit is the worst nightmare of a technician, since you can spend your life looking for it and having to give up trying. But, hiring the HVAC Repair professionals ease your headache. With their expert hands, nothing is impossible to give you better maintenance of the air-condition service.

Before you hire them or find any difficulties, let you give a simple definition of the air-conditioning system so that you can understand the entire situation in a better and proper way.

Types of Air Conditioning

From window: A single quadrangular apparatus contains all the functional parts of the system. It must be placed on the wall in such a way that one half of the appliance is on the outside and the other half on the inside. At present they are not usually commercialized, their installation changes the facade a lot.

Wall split: They are the most common equipment in our homes. The compressor is located outside the building and communicates with the indoor unit (evaporator – condenser) through refrigeration and interconnection pipes, so the hole in the wall is relatively small and can be sealed easily.

Split roof: Its operation is similar to the wall split although they are usually of greater capacity. Its installation is more expensive and complex. The result is usually more aesthetic than in other models. It is also known with air conditioning floor ceiling, usually installed in stores of 20 to 50 m2.

Laptop: They incorporate the entire system in a box coupled with wheels in such a way that it can be easily transported from one room to another. It has a flexible hose that attaches to the window to expel the hot air generated by the compressor to the outside.

Centrals: The idea is the same as in the Split type but the installation is much larger. It is used in complete building conditioning. Its cost is very high but they offer a high level of comfort and a much spaced maintenance over time. Normally used for the demand in buildings.

Conclusion: Filter cleaning

The cleaning of filters of the indoor unit is extremely important for the maintenance of the air conditioning but what about the outdoor unit? The easiest and most effective would be to clean it with a compressed air compressor by all parts of the exchanger, if we do not have this tool you can choose to take a brush and calmly go through all the slits.