What do you need to know when buying a log home?

What makes log houses so attractive? Is it the beauty of nature hidden in the timber? Or is it a cosy interior that we‘ve all seen in the moviesdozens of times? No matter what is the main reason, the popularity of timber housesin Ireland still rises. If You ever thought about a log home for yourself here’s all the information You need.

What are the biggest advantages of log houses?

Imagine yourself drinking hot chocolate by the fire. Or having a morning coffee at the veranda. Or spending Your free time sitting at the couchandresting surrounded by the beautiful wooden walls. Feels great, isn’t it? Timber houses are definitely the places with a soul. Places that bring You closer to nature. Places where You feel safe. That’s the reason why so many people around the world dream about having their own log homes.

This type of house is very popular in North America: Canada, USA and also in Europe: Sweden, Norway, Denmark. What about the rest of Europe? The recent increase of popularity and demand for log homes Ireland, Scotland and Englandspeaks for itself. Considering the world‘s concern for the environment it will rise more and more. That’s because log cabins are ecologically friendly. Besides, they have their own cosy microclimate that has beneficial effects on health and personal well-being. Timber is an amazing material which lives for a long time even after being cut. It’s a true gift from the nature: long lasting, pleasant to the touch and beautiful. It doesn’t cause allergic reactions which can really degrade the quality of life. It’s comfortable and safe.

Untill quite recently summer houses were the only things people associated with log homes. Ireland, England, Scotland and many other countries treated them as vacation homes. Why? Some people think that timber houses are unsuitable for spending a winter inside them. It’s totally incorrect. When well insulated, they are really easy and cheap to heat. You can heat them in the same way You do it inconventionallybuilthouses, but much cheaper (even up to 30%!). You can do it with a solid fuel stove, logburner, natural gas stove or even an oil boiler. You can use electrical heaters and put in underfloor heating.There are many ways to keep Yourtimber home warm. Which way to choose?It’s up to You!

There’s another great advantage that makes loghousesbetterthanconventionally built houses. It’s the time You have to wait untill Your brand new home is ready. Log houses can be erected in weeks, rather than in months. Theyare really quick to build unlike the conventionally built houses.

All the information You’ve just read sounds good, isn’t it? There’s one more thing You should know if You think about buying a timber house.

What do You need to look for when buying a log home?

The answer is short and easy. Quality. Yes, it’s the only thing You have to pay attention to when buying Your own timber house. Quality of the main material(timber). Quality of windows and door materials. Qualityofinsulation. And last but not least: quality of manufacturing. To be sure You’re getting the best quality on all the levels of building a house from Your dreams choose the experienced specialist company. The more years of experience they have the better timber house You get.

Your own log home surrounded by green – what’s more can You dream about?

Environmentally friendly, low maintenance, stylish and cosy. Log home is a great place to live. No matter if You want to treat it like a holiday home, a timber garden office or a residential home to live throughout the year. It’s a place that brings You closer to nature.

Living in the log house is a beautiful dream that can easily come true. All You have to do is choose a shape and the size adapted to Your expectations and a right specialist company that will know how to build it!