What Are the Signs to Repair and Replace Your Windows


Windows are an essential part of any house. There are several common issues that can arise in your windows such as leakage, breaking, fogginess etc. Depending on the type and extent of the window issues, you can decide whether to replace it or repair it. To assist you in making the right decision, go through the list of signs that will help you in deciding whether to repair or replace your window.

Do you see any rot or jammed sashes?

If you find that your windows have got decayed or rotten, then it is the right time to get it repaired by a home window repair service provider. A skilled professional would help you by repairing jammed sashes, rotten and broken parts efficiently. If you find that there is condensation in between layers of your insulated window glass, then, in that case, you will certainly need to replace your window.

If your old windows lack energy-efficiency

Weather stripping and caulking will assist in reducing drafts. In such a case, removal of old caulk needs to be followed by replacing them using a new caulk and a caulking gun.

If my house was made before 1960?

Houses that were made before 1960 were detection of the presence of “Lead” in the paint. Lead is a poisonous and harmful element that can pose serious health concerns. Seeking an advice of an experienced contractor would suggest remedies to remove hazardous paint. Replacement of these windows helps in eliminating the lead risk, but also increases lead dust at the time of the project.

Should I give a new touch to my old original windows?

Windows are one of the important aspects of your house that can define the entire look of your home. It can also prove to be a very important architectural detail. By replacing your windows, that were made using decorative wood grills or leaded glass, you can reduce the value of your house. If you find that your old windows are less energy efficient, then you must hire a skilled contractors or craftsmen to perform the enhancement/repair work. Go for windows that suit to your existing style of home and is high in energy efficiency.

Worn out wooden windows

If your window is old, with visible cracks, damage and discolored sections due to natural wear and tear like weathering, then all you need is to repaint them. Replace all rotten parts with new wood, prior to repainting it.

Broken, chipped or cracked window panes

If you find any dents, chips, or scratches on windows, due to storm, harsh cleaners, or getting hit by foreign objects, then replacing the glass would be the right decision. If you aren’t well versed in window installation and repair, then it is best to hire an expert service for this task.


Not every simple issue in your window needs hefty replacement. It can be handled by getting it repaired from a reputed window service repair agency. All these signs would definitely help you in getting your window back to its original state quickly and easily.