Vacuum Cleaner: With Bag or Without Bag – Read here:

The question of whether a vacuum cleaner should have a bag or not always sparked passionate discussions in Internet forums basically, both variants have their strengths and weaknesses. A full recommendation for or against a reasonable device, we cannot pronounce but all advantages and disadvantages to show you to make the purchase decision easier.

Should it be with or without a bag?

To make it easier for you to decide for or against a vacuum cleaner, let’s look at the most important criteria:


An argument for the succulent suckers is often that of the low follow-up costs since one does not always have to buy expensive filter bags again and again. Since vacuum cleaners without dry bags but are more expensive than bag suits, this saving is taken back when buying a device. Nevertheless, a vacuum cleaner can be profitable if it comes into a large household, in which a lot is sucked and by pets such as cats or dogs and increased suction needs exists. In price terms, both variants do not take much at the end of the day. Shark Rocket Complete HV 380 is quite high in price but it is worth as it comes with so many accessories that can be your end of searching of the vacuum cleaner. It a complete package and comes with the sufficient accessories that can clean up everything.


In particular, on carpets, the suction capacity of non-fluffy appliances leaves a lot to be desired. We came to this conclusion:

It justifies the poor performance of the devices without dust bags with their construction – on hard floors; however, the performance hardly remained to be desired. It is found that the vacuum cleaners on carpets show less good performance. But even when the dust box is full, the suction performance is not reduced compared to full vacuum cleaners. If you look only at the power level, vacuum cleaners can often not stand against the classic vacuum cleaners.


A decisive advantage of all vacuum cleaners without bags is the significantly reduced odor development, as this is caused by dust and dirt filled bags. If the dust box of the vacuum cleaner is emptied after each application, unpleasant odors cannot develop.

Bag OR Box: Our Conclusion

We cannot pronounce a generally valid recommendation for either the one or the other variant. Ultimately it is also a taste for which model one decides. Here it is necessary to weigh up the advantages and disadvantages of a person personally weigh heavier. Therefore, we have presented all the pros and cons in order to make the decision easier for you.

If none of these factors come into play, one should tend towards a classic model with a bag. If you do not have to be sucked more than once a week, there are less consequential costs due to new bags and the cheaper bag vacuum cleaner is worthwhile.

You should also check the latest model of a vacuum cleaner which is Shark Rocket Complete HV380.