Top Reasons to Buy A New Build in North Wales

New Build homes in North Wales and beyond just-so-happen to come in very many shapes and forms. Most assume that a exploring a new build apartment or house is the same uniform, brand new, sparkly, (and just a little bit soulless) experience every time.

The old adage that absolutely every new build is exactly the same is false – Nothing could be further than the truth, and there are a number of new build developers that build new build homes in North Wales and other areas of the country which offer homes where the only similarity is that you have a fresh, perfect, blank canvas to make your own.

Under the umbrella of “New Build” comes very many different types of homes – from cookie-cutter inland family dwellings which feature perfectly designed spaces for family living, to much more unique properties. One of the more unique properties you’ll see featured in the North Wales area is the stunning Gwynt y Mor new build apartments in Rhos on Sea. These apartments are designed to incorporate the perfect balance between a viable, spacious and well-designed living space, as well as a wow factor which simply cannot be sold short.

Comparing one of these gorgeous apartments to your generic, new build, run-of-the-mill beginner family home is like comparing it to a 100-year old building, for all of the similarities they bear to each other. Placing all new build properties as entirely the same as each other is a mistake as the range truly is very diverse.

There are a number of developers out there, some large and some small, offering vastly different experiences with each and every new build home. Yet even with this firmly in mind, there are some elements of new build homes having similarities. We consulted with the fine folds at Property North Wales to get a few examples.

For instance:


You might not really care, deep down, about whether or not your home is a little bit worse, or a little bit better for the environment at large – but having your home built to standards such as CEEQUAL or BREEAM really tends to make a difference to more than some polar bears somewhere. The difference sustainable building makes can be seen every quarter in your bills – New build homes tend to be far more viable to heat than older ones both in design and build integrity, it’s a fact.

It is estimated that 60% of new build homes in North Wales and beyond are far more energy efficient than period homes – even when extensive renovation and modernisation has been applied to older builds.

The focus for developers for quite a few years has been the rising concerns about climate change and preservation of the local environment, and new build homes are usually designed with sustainability in mind – so choosing a new build home over a quaint 50-year old house could save you so much more money both immediately and in the long term.

Ask your developer if you’re unsure what measures have been made to help the environment (and your wallet) with their build.

A Blank Slate

Another reason for buying a new build home is that it really is a blank slate. You won’t have to spend time and effort fixating on undoing mistakes that previous owners have made with the property, or worse – correcting damage which may sound like not such a big deal in a survey, but becomes so very much worse after you’ve purchased.

Plus, have you seen a beige or a mint green bathroom suite? Something like that needs ripping out immediately, (Please rip something like that out immediately!) which may cost you much more than what you might have thought – especially if there are problems lurking underneath.

The issue with older houses is often a domino effect. You may want to make an improvement, but you may find your hands tied with the fact that something else is going to go to the dogs should you make an adjustment. It is prudent to look at things from the old owners’ perspective. Should there be something unsightly, or unwieldy, or just awful-looking, is it really anyone’s choice to do it? Or does it conceal something else?

Ease and Convenience in New Builds

 Buying a new build home in North Wales or beyond is really as simple as moving your furniture in and putting your own stamp onto the place.

In the instance of damage, you’ll have a full builder’s guarantee for 10 years, which ensures that in rare cases of something not quite being right, you’ll be able to get it sorted out at no extra charge.