Tips To Choose And Install Plantation Shutters

So you’ve bought a new house! Okay, you’ve accomplished a great dream. However, you can’t call your house “yours” unless you place your special touches on it. Whether you bought a new home, or an old one, an affordable solution to bestow your house an individual style would be to put exterior plantation shutters.

Why install plantation shutters?

Exterior shutters will provide your house a more alluring sensation and make your home look prominent among others. Your home will have a curb appeal, and it’ll provide a sense of satisfaction you’re searching for. The best thing is you don’t have to call a contractor to deploy these charming shutters. It’s possible to install them on your own. All it takes is a little bit of labor and an instruction manual to get started.

How to install plantation shutters?

To begin with, figure out what kind of exterior shutters will look great for your house – like these – click here. There are various kinds of shutters in the market, from traditional models to more modern ones. Also, you’ll find a range of colors, designs, shapes, and sizes to suit your likings and preferences. Choose the ones that are in line with the overall theme of your home.

Once you’ve selected the style, measure your windows to figure out the correct dimensions of shutters. If you miss this important point, you’ll end up with inappropriate shutters that won’t serve any purpose. So be mindful of this thing and act accordingly.

Exterior shutters could be customized, or purchased in stock sizes. Stock dimensions are generally less expensive, but for the right fit, you should think about finding tailor-made shutters. Also, you could mix-and-match regular and custom shutters provided regular-sized shutters are available in the same style you wish.

Measure each and every windowpane on your home cautiously and jot down the dimensions. This is very important because many homes possess shorter windowpanes on the second floor compared to windows on the first floor. Dimensions of windows may vary significantly even on the same floor. Note this point and take the measurements accurately.

Now you need to order the shutters. Select the vendor meticulously because not every vendor makes shutters in-house. Additionally, pay attention to the lead time for shutters. Some suppliers provide next-day shipping, but most do not. Go for the vendor that provides quick delivery of quality shutters well within your budget range.

Once you get your plantation shutters, it’s time to deploy them as mentioned in the installation guide. There are usually two installing options, either using shutter-loks or color-matched painted screws. Shutter-loks appear like a button that extends out from the shutter surface area and can be found in same colors as the shutters.

Painted screws are the choice that most shutter contractors prefer because it ensures quick installation. Pay close attention to the installation instructions that come with shutters or the installation manual you downloaded from the vendor’s website. Make sure to apply the right installation pattern; otherwise, you might void the approved warranty of the product.

When you’ve finished mounting your shutters, take a couple of steps back and check out what you’ve achieved. You now have a house you could be proud to call truly yours. Cheers!

Bottom line

Installing plantation shutters is a great way to renovate your home windows. As well as enriching your home decor, well-installed shutters present a fulfilling experience on a budget. Just get familiar with the selection and installation procedure detailed above. Within no time, you’re all set to enjoy a great DIY project that’s pleasing, affordable, adorable, decorative as well as functional.