Tips for keeping your pool insect-free

Pools are a great recreational facility to have in your home. They addto the general ambience, and swimming is considered an effective form of exercise, so having a pool comes in handy to switch up that workout routine. Additionally, pools increase the property value of your home. If you need to rent it out or sell it, you can be assured of having an edge over other property owners in the market. As valuable as they are, pools are susceptible to pest infestation. It is a good breeding ground for insects such as mosquitoes, and it is very common to have other hydrophilic bugs in the vicinity. This can be both unsightly and a health hazard. Here are some tips to keep your pool insect-free. 

Use a skimmer

Although a short-term solution, it is prudent to have a skimmer for your pool. This can be used daily at the end or beginning of the day, or as often as is needed. However, it is crucial to determine where the bugs are coming from to begin with, in order to have a long-term solution.

Place a bug-zapper near the pool

Although it is not effective on crawling insects, bug-zappers are sure to get rid of flying insects. The light in the bug-zapper attracts insects and once they land on it, the mechanism will vaporise the insects immediately. The sound of this process happening may disturbing, but it keeps your pool insect-free.

Perform regular pool maintenance

Pools are treated with chlorine. If the amount of chlorine causes a shift in pH level, the pool can become a perfect breeding ground for insects. Using a pool kit to maintain the required chlorine levels will help repel insects. Additionally, keep the water algae-free by using an algaecide. Algae is a source of food for insects and this could be a reason why they are suddenly attracted to your pool.

Install pool covers

Having a pool cover will keep both flying and crawling insects away from your pool, in addition to other objects such as fallen leaves. Moreover, having a cover will prevent unnecessary evaporation, which cuts down your water bill. You could also consider having a pool enclosure. This creates a physical barrier between you and the insects for a hustle-free lounge or swim. Effective enclosure material include glass or fibreglass.

Mosquito magnets

These will only be effective in pool areas that have patios. Placing them in the pool itself will have the mechanism’s functionality negated by the pool’s sanitation and filtration systems. The magnets burn propane, creating a plume of carbon dioxide and other scents that attract mosquitoes. The bugs are then sucked up by the vacuum. The burned propane is released in forms that are safe for he environment.

Keep your environment clean

Insects, bugs and other pests are attracted to garbage. If your compound is not clean, it becomes the perfect attractant to bugs and other pests, which can find their way to your pool.For an insect-free swimming experience, dispose of your trash on a regular basis, and keep the compound and surrounding environs clean.

Switch off the light

Underwater lights can greatly enhance the ambience of your pool area. As attractive as a night-swim is, you run the risk of having unwanted visitors in and around the pool. Lights attract insects and bugs. If left on when not in use, your pool inevitably becomes both a breeding ground and a grave for insects and other pests. Switch off the pool lights when they are not in use. It also helps save on that electric bill.

Having these measures in place will result in a wonderful swimming experience. When installing a new pool, ask your pool builders about nearby pools. Find out what forms of insect control are recommended for your region.