Timber Bed Frames Are Better Than Metal Ones, Wooden You Agree?

The ultimate home depot debate that has every 45-year old bob and sheila on their feet: Timber Bed Frames or Metal Bed Frames?

This may be ridiculous for the rest of us at first glance, but both sides do make compelling points on who should be the undisputed bed frame champ. We are not writing this article to present both sides, but instead make a case for timber bed frames. Why do we consider these bed frames at the top of the hardware game? Check this out and see for yourself!

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Reason 1: Timber bed frames are highly customisable.

Timber bed frames are usually offered in a variety of ways, so the design possibilities are just close to endless. Whether you prefer a simple, pine finish or a more sophisticated design, everything is available and can be customised at any time.

Normally, a pine finish gives off the natural grainy look of timber, so this provides “at-home” feel. Other hardwood finishes, including oak, walnut, or cherry, are richer and deeper in texture, which is recommended to be matched with other pieces of wooden furniture that you have in your room.

For instance, an oak bed frame complemented with a wooden coffee table is the perfect aesthetic combination for your home.

Reason 2: Timber bed frames are strong and highly durable.

Why settle for a short-term metal bed frame when you can get the best, most durable bed frame out there? As the name suggests, timber bed frames are made from sustainably sourced timber, so they can be used indefinitely and will remain in superb condition. Some timber materials have such a long lifespan that they are sometimes passed onto future generations!

To be more specific, the robust construction of timber bed frames have long-lasting joints and legs that are generally attached to the main frame of the bed. Metal bed frames, on the other hand, have weaker joint and leg parts, and are therefore easier to break.

Reason 3: Timber bed frames are more practical and cost-efficient.

Most metal bed frame enthusiasts argue that metal is a more practical and cost-efficient option when compared to timber, but manufacturers would beg to disagree. Logistics wise, timber bed frames are easier to move inside your room and more convenient to deliver in your house because they can be flat-packed. A timber bed base would also save you a wee bit more time than a metal one when you decide to transfer to a different home, simply because it is less bulky.

The second question is, “How are timber bed frames more cost-efficient when they have better quality and are more durable?” Well, easy on, lad, because it is indeed more practical for your finances. Timber bed frames are generally comprised of naturally-sourced materials with less synthetic components, so manufacturers tend to lean towards timber bed frames as a more cost-effective choice for production.