The Trade Shows or Houses: Table Covers

In a house the table is a very important piece of furniture , not only from a practical point of view, but also aesthetic and for this reason it is also fundamental the choice of how to “dress” our table , especially when you have guests for lunch, dinner or just for an afternoon tea.

The Best Options for You

Two-tone tablecloth embroidered in pure cotton, 4 colors 4 colors, 4 models (square and rectangular in 3 sizes). Bicolor embroidered tablecloth for a modern and refined table. Piqué hem finish. There are trade show table covers there as well. 

This is why its choice is decisive and must be well considered not only on the basis of our taste and the furnishings of our restaurant, but also depending on the occasion, the environment and the living environment in which you find yourself, of the type of guests you will receive or even of the theme of the evening (for example at Christmas it is perfect red, but also gold, while at Easter it is good to prefer pastel, floral and spring patterns

  • Then there are all the other parties, each with its recurring motifs and colors: on Halloween everything must be orange, purple and black, perhaps with pumpkin-shaped decorations or with ghosts and witches, while for an ethnic dinner there will be will be able to indulge with fantasies concerning the origin of the prepared food and still for the birthday parties, especially those of the little ones, the choice is much freer, but without doubt the color should not be missing, without prejudice to the and you can for example choose a theme and tune not only the tablecloth and napkins but also the decorations, plates, glasses, festoons, balloons and anything else you want!). 

The Right Choices

There are tablecloths 90% PVC, 10% polyester, waterproof and non-slip. The first rule to follow is undoubtedly to choose the right tablecloth in relation to the shape and size of our table : square for a square table, rectangular for a rectangular table and round for a round table (nobody is allowed on this point tear to the rule!), moreover it is always good to make sure that the side falls are equal on all sides of the table and that they are approximately equal to 30 cm (better that the tablecloth never protrudes too much otherwise it could end up preventing the movements of diners, but at the same time it is good to make sure that the fall is not too poor to make our tablecloth seem a little “skimpy”).

A second factor to consider obviously concerns the choice of fabric, which depends very much on the style that characterizes our dining room but also on the occasion: if it is a formal and elegant dinner, it is better to prefer classic and precious tablecloths.