The Perfect Foam Insulation with the Best Quality

The process of insulation of buildings is constantly improved and often accompanied by the use of the most efficient and new technologies and building materials more promising than those that everyone is used to using. And now another type of high quality insulation has appeared on the market, which is sprayed onto the surface of a given area. These materials have already taken the lead among the best Spray Foam Insulation.

Features and composition

  • Spray insulation is called thermal insulating raw materials (in fact, an analogue of polyurethane foam in cans), which is applied to the surface by spraying with the aid of special equipment.
  • This substance consists of two liquid products which, when mixed, can form an enormous amount of foam, which is intended to cover a substantial area due to its isolation.
  • The main component of the sprayed insulation is polyurethane foam. This material is a special mixture consisting of two components, which are polyol and isocyanate.

Component A is a hydroxyl-containing substance, it is necessary to maintain the reaction with component B. It is a solution of a yellowish or dark brown saturated color, in which various polyesters can be found with catalysts, foamy regulators, flame retardants and agents foaming.

Component B isocyanate is a dark brown substance that is in the liquid state, with a specific chemical odor. If the component begins to actively interact with the atmosphere, a solid polyurethane begins to form in the process, which will be completely unsuitable for use. For this reason its supplies are performed in hermetically sealed containers, which reliably protect the components from contact with liquids or air (in cans).

If mixed, components A and B enter into active interaction and an enormous quantity of carbon dioxide is released, which helps the material to foam well. After hardening, the polyurethane forms an insulation layer, which consists of a large number of small hermetically sealed cells completely filled with carbon dioxide.

For this reason, the material has a lower coefficient of thermal conductivity, therefore ideal for insulation.


The sprayed insulating material is quite light and can be applied to the surface of any material without significant problems with a layer of any thickness. Spray insulation is well known to all beginners professionals and artisans who appreciate this practical material . Its unique features are:


The maximum thermal conductivity has been observed in these materials, and is approximately 0.020-0.028 W / ms. In the most modern materials, this indicator will be much lower, which makes their purchase less desirable for the consumer.

Excellent sound insulation performance. This category of isolators will also successfully reduce heavy percussion noises that prevent sleep and rest in the most comfortable conditions. In this way complete silence will be guaranteed in every room during the work of special tools, which stand out for their high acoustic efficiency.

The vapor permeability of the sprayed insulators will allow them to simply absorb moisture, while not allowing the formation of a large amount of condensate, which can ruin the coating.

  • The use of this innovative material allows us to isolate even those places that were previously considered difficult to access all thanks to its unique consistency.
  • The adhesion parameters, typical of this heat-insulating material, allow to quickly isolate the surface of any material.
  • It is possible to determine the deadlines for construction work with this insulation for the insulation of 100-120 m2 9-10 hours are sufficient at the lowest labor cost of this process.