The Most Common Car Lockout Scenarios And How You Can Escape Them

Lockouts scenarios are the worst, especially when you are out and about. Being stuck in a lockout can be extremely frustrating and time-consuming; that is why it is important always to be prepared.

Amidst many unforeseen circumstances that can be thrown at you, being ready for various situations will always put you one step ahead of the game.

Probably one of the worst and most common types of the lockout is in vehicles, especially cars. To help you prepare and practice the right solutions, let’s discuss different scenarios that often occur to an average person.

From your friends at Locksmith Sydney, here are three car lockout scenarios including three ways on how you can escape them.

  • Scenario: Keys Lost At Home

Losing your keys at home is always a pain. You’re having a slow morning, maybe you’ve had a late night, and you’re taking your time to prepare for work. While you still have enough time to go out and head to work, your lazy self right now is not in the mood for all your usual routine. You close the door behind you and leave.

As your heading towards your car, you decided that you could still make a quick stop a drive-through the coffee shop to get your juices flowing for the day. You grab your keys from your pocket, but it’s not there. You checked your bag, but it also isn’t there. Panic starts to take over and start tracing back your steps from the moment you woke up to the time you got to the office. You knew you locked the door behind you, but now you realize you weren’t carrying any keys at all, even your car keys.

  • Solution: Double Check At All Times

Even if you’re having a lazy or difficult day, never skip double checking all of your essentials before you step out of the house. Do routine pats down before you leave so you can take the time to find it if it isn’t with your person.

  • Scenario: Keys Lost At Work

It’s 5:00 in the afternoon and you’re preparing to leave work. You say goodbye to your colleagues and head towards the parking lot. You take out your keys to open your door but realize it’s not with you. You check everything you’re carrying, but it is nowhere to be found. You decide to go back inside and see if you left it on your desk or drawer, but it’s gone.

  • Solution: Always Have Spare Keys Available

If you’re a busy person, then you should know better than sticking to a single key. Have spare keys ready and leave one in places you frequent such as your office or perhaps your parents’ house. You can also hand a spare key to your closest friend or family member who’s nearby.

  • Scenario: Keys Locked In The Car With Engine Running

You head out to a local store to pick up a few things and realized your short in cash. You saw an ATM and decided to make a quick withdrawal. As you’re rummaging through your wallet to take out your card, you get out of the car and immediately close it. As you walk towards the machine, you look back, and you realize your keys are still in there with the engine running. The car doors lock, and you’re left in awe.

  • Solution: Call For Help

In a time of urgent need, your best solution will always be to call for help. Calling a professional locksmith is the most suitable solution, but if you know someone who can help you pick out the lock, then go ahead.

You can get help for car lockouts from Locksmith Sydney which is one call away.

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Final Word

Car lockout situations are never easy and can cause extreme stress and panic. Be sure to familiarize yourself with different scenarios and equip yourself with the right solutions so you can adapt better.