The Finer Options for the Kitchen Renovation: Your Options

The kitchen and bathroom are of particular interest to homebuyers and increase the value of a home when they have been renovated. However, before even thinking about renovating, make sure the house is watertight and in good condition. Inspectors will immediately check if the cladding, roof, doors and windows are watertight. There is no point in redesigning a kitchen if the walls and the floor are at risk of moving in the coming years, the ceramic can crack, the cabinets can take moisture, and everything will start again.

The Tendency

There is a tendency to think that you can save money by doing renovations yourself rather than by dealing with an expert. When or when is it more profitable to hire a professional?

Of course, if the person has the tools and skills to undertake certain jobs, they can save money by doing the renovations themselves. On the other hand, it happens that this person takes a week off to redo the floor of his kitchen with a handyman friend.

The purchase of equipment, the rental of equipment and the week of unpaid leave often end up costing the same price that an expert would have charged. Not to mention that poorly done jobs will probably have to be corrected. In this case, it can be more profitable to work a week and use his salary to pay an expert who will do a guaranteed job and meticulous in a lot less time. In short, everyone’s job. For the kitchen renovation cost you will not have to be worried now.

What are the most common mistakes or those to avoid when it comes to renovation?

People often want to find the expert who offers the lowest hourly rate at all costs. The field is so competitive that quali fied entrepreneurs offer just about the same thing, with a few di fferences. The rest is about trust, customer service and the nature of the warranty.

Nearly 55% of renovations cost more than expected: why?

Once the work is started, people tend to say, “If you want to be there, change the taps, add a warm floor, and so on. While these decisions should have been made in advance and calculated in the budget. The trick is to add a margin of maneuver from 10 to 15% in the initial budget to deal with the unexpected. You do not know what is in a wall before you have smashed it, nor what is under the ceramic before removing it: surprises are very common. If no unforeseen happens, so much the better! You can use this amount to give you extra luxury, or keep it for future projects.

Are there things that can be done before workers arrive to facilitate or speed up the process?

Clear the room where the renovations will take place. If people are comfortable, they can unscrew the cabinets, remove anything that might clog the worker or that could be damaged.