The best waffle machines on the market

Who has not heard the phrase “Belgium smells like waffle” among the newcomers to the country? The waffle is one of the Belgian culinary delights that is automatically associated with this territory, but the same name Belgian waffle, despite being consumed throughout the country, keeps behind it some confusion, in addition to a long history and a lot of varieties. The waffle, gaufre in French and waffle in Dutch, is as old as man’s own history, finding his most remote ancestor in the cereal cakes that were already cooked in the Neolithic on hot stone. If you continue advancing in time, you also find a mold composed of two plates of iron that was used to make small cakes. They used to be rounded and wore motifs like coats of arms or shields that were engraved on the irons that served as plates.

Which machine to buy?

Who has never wanted to have a practical waffle machine in their house instead of accumulating several packages of industrial liquor? With a waffle practice you can make the weekend mornings start in the best possible way. The waffles work in the same way as the machines to make crepes. You only need to make the dough because the machine will do the rest for you. You can adopt the waffles to your liking. You can accompany it with delicious chocolate syrup or choose to add several pieces of fresh fruit. For this reason, you must know which type of Belgian waffle makers you will buy tomorrow. One of the things that characterize the taste is that waffle smell of all the streets of the city. Well, that smells of waffle and also that yellow van that roams throughout the city. Sometimes it becomes a nightmare because you can never say no to one of the greatest pleasures in the world, the Belgian waffles.

Which type of Waffles?

You will find all kinds of waffles. The originators are normally sprinkled with icing sugar but in the most tourist areas you can find them with fruits, whipped cream, nutrella and many other varieties. You will find two types of waffles, those of Brussels and those of Liege. The main difference is that the Brussels waffles are lighter and have a more rectangular shape, while the Liege waffles are much sweeter and heavier, although the latter are the ones usually found in various stalls.

Conclusion: How it is prepared?

Start by dissolving the yeast in half a liter of warm water and then beat the egg white to the snow point. Pass the flour through a sieve in a bowl and then make a small hole in the middle, in which you must put the dissolved yeast and mix it with the flour. Now, pour the warm milk and egg yolks and add the butter (already melted), the egg white to the point of snow, the vanilla sugar and pearl and salt. Let the dough rest until it has doubled in size. Then, put a little dough in the waffle maker and throw them over what you want.