The Best Types Of Flowers That Attract Beneficial Insects

Gardeners know there are many types of plants that will attract beneficially, friendly insects such as ladybugs, ground beetles, lacewings, and others that eat unwanted pests.  Research has shown that certain flowers attract more beneficial insects due to their extra supply of nectar and through pollination.  Some types of flowers offer one or both of these benefits.

If you are thinking about starting an organic garden, you obviously do not want to use chemical pesticides to keep down unwanted pests and insects.  It would serve you well to learn what types of flowers you should plant.  We’ll cover some types of flowers with pictures that are aesthetically beautiful while attracting beneficial, friendly insects at the same time!


This is an absolutely gorgeous wildflower that has a lot of nectarines.  When in bloom, the leaves of the cornflower release nectar.  This process makes the cornflower very attractive to ladybugs, lacewings, and wasps. It’s also one of the easiest plants to grow, just drop the seeds into the soil during the fall or early spring.


This is actually an herb that has beautiful bright blue clusters of flowers.  This herb is edible and has the flavor of cucumber and attracts many beneficial insects.  The lacewing is very attracted to this herb and will lay its eggs on any surrounding fungus.  This herb would look fabulous planted in the center of your garden providing a wonderful balance. Try adding Borage to your next salad, you’ll be amazed!

The Cup Plant:

The leaves of this plan wrap around the stems forming a deep cup that collects rain and can grow to 8 feet in some cases.  Beneficial bugs and insects are very attracted to this plant.  Small birds will land on the Cup Plant and enjoy a drink of water collected by the cups.  The plants have lovely clusters of yellow flowers that bloom mid to late summer.

Golden Marguerite:

This plant blooms bright yellow 3-inch daisies that attract ladybugs, small wasps, lacewings, and tachina flies that are native to North America.  If you have poor soil, this plant will thrive and grow to 3-feet high and 3-feet wide.

Sweet Alyssum:

This is a fast-growing plant that produces beautiful white flowers that are very fragrant.  The flowers attract many beneficial, friendly insects such as flies that naturally feed on aphids. To grow this plant, simply plant the seeds into your garden or buy bedding plants.

Before starting your organic garden, it is advisable you do some research on flowers that attract beneficial insects.  Attracting these friendly insects will benefit your garden’s health and add a great deal of beauty because nasty bugs will be gone!

Speak with your local garden center to get good advice on plants for your organic garden.  They will be more than happy to point you toward a large variety of plants that attract friendly insects.  Once you have the right plants, the sky’s the limit for planting crops, trees, and flowers!