The Best Packaging Materials When Moving A Long Distance

When moving over a long distance, the last thing you expect is to find your goods damaged or missing. The moving company you choose should have the proper packaging materials to ensure all of your valuables will be safely transported.

Long distance movers nyc companies always tend to invest in quality packaging materials. Before you hire a particular moving company, make sure you have gone through the list of their packaging materials. This article will highlight the best packaging materials for different items.

  1. Packing papers

They are most suitable for fragile items such as glass plates and pictures. The packing papers provide cushioning for the fragile items. This will help a lot when the vehicle is moving on a rough road.

  1. Paper pads

They are larger than the packing papers and they are used to wrap mirrors, lamps and pictures that are a bit large in size. They also provide good cushioning against any impact during the transportation.

  1. Different Boxes

There are several types of boxes and they vary depending on the use and size. Make sure you inspect the boxes to ensure they are of good quality. The boxes should be strong enough to handle the weight of your goods. They should not have any signs of water damage or else you risk losing you items during transit.

  • Small boxes

They are used for packing liquids and they are easier to handle. Most of the small boxes are also strong therefore they can be used to carry heavy items such as books and tools. You can source the small packaging boxes from the moving company and start packaging your valuables before the actual day of moving.

  • Medium boxes

They are used for packaging kitchen items such as pots and pans. The can comfortably fit even the large pots and they are also strong enough to handle the weight.

  • Large boxes

They best for packaging for bedroom closet items, pillows, cushions and blankets. The beddings tend to occupy a large surface area to volume ratio meaning they occupy a lot of space despite not being heavy.

  • Mirror cartons

These are ideal for packing glass pictures and glasses. They are used for transporting fragile and large items. Every moving company should have the picture cartons.

  • Wardrobe cartons

They are ideal for transporting hanging clothes while still on the hanger. They are tall enough to accommodate sports gear, camping gear and other large garage items.

  • Dish pack boxes

They are ideal for packing dishes and other fragile items. The boxes are also marked to indicate the correct way of packaging the dishes in such a way that they will not get damaged during transportation. Other items you will require include packing tape for sealing the cartons on the top and bottom side.

In addition to hiring a good moving company, the packaging materials also play a significant role. You should not lose your valuable item due to wrong and substandard packaging material. Always inspect everything used to package your goods.