The 10 Best Renovation Tips of All Time!

We all know that some crafts can require a lot of expenses, especially for efficient transformations that have to combine design and quality. Very often, we neglect small things that can save us money because we are not necessarily building professionals. Do not panic!

It is for this reason that Honey-Doers invites you to discover simple but useful things in a remodeling of your living environment, such as the choice of painting, the preparation of rooms or spaces to be modified, the choice of materials, the selection of tools or even the selection of investments to make.

  1. Use good quality paint

We are all guilty because we do not hesitate to use cheaper paint to avoid spending. What you should know is that a poorly adapted material can be beautiful at first, but it quickly loses its clarity over time. The kitchen, the bathroom, the living room, the terrace, the bedrooms require adequate paint for a good return. Consult a specialist, ask the distributor for advice to avoid a wrong choice. In the end, a good choice saves money in time!

  1. Use quality tools

Quality tools can do a good job. Very often, we use inappropriate tools to do renovations. We can cite the example of brushes or rollers that do not last long to complete the painting, to paint, drills that are not adapted to the surface we want to perforate, to different saws that are not solid And even to the hammer which is dismantled all the time.

  1. Proper preparation

It is important to make a good home preparation before you start making the several remodeling. Ensure the security conditions in the walls to be transformed (check the electrical and sanitary circuits), check the wallpaper already present on the walls, protect the furniture and the floor before starting the painting, etc. If you find this difficult, consult a professional craftsperson for more efficiency.

  1. Do not try to save on materials

You buy cheaper materials, but it’s not sure you will get quality. Do not try to save money on materials, at the risk of choosing things that will not last. Seek to save money elsewhere by doing good planning to know the places that require remodeling.

  1. Do not forget to ask for appropriate authorizations

Before making any transformation, renovation or construction, it is necessary to have the necessary approvals for possible works of significant works. As part of the modification of an apartment or a house you rent, contact the owner. For large constructions, try to communicate with the competent authorities who will give you the appropriate permits.

  1. Properly prepare your walls before painting

Painting does not consist only of making colors on the wall or the surface. Before starting, make sure that the space to be painted is stable: a wall must be smoothed. The holes must fill with putty; an inner surface may require a pre-wallpaper break, a white paint may need multiple layers to hide existing tasks, etc.

  1. Make sure you are working safely

Whether inside or outside the house, it is imperative to ensure that you are safe: electrical and sanitary installations, scaffolding, beams to install, solidity and stability of the ladders, etc.

  1. Put only the things you know to install

Do not hesitate to contact professionals to make some installations because many possible electrical connections require electricians, sanitary facilities that can only do plumbers or even some woodwork to do that by carpenters.

  1. Measure everything and make sure you work with precision

Take action or plan, avoid rough work that entails additional expenses related to catching up defects. Do not hesitate to consult a professional before things get more complicated.

  1. Contact professionals

Contact professionals like the home remodeling experts at Honey-Doers to avoid making a bad remodel in your home. Even if this is more expensive, you avoid unnecessary accidents with a more stable result and design.