Termites Infest Phoenix Home after Flood


With the recent flooding in Phoenix Arizona from hurricane Rosa, one home owner experienced something far worse than the flooding that other local Arizona residence experienced. As this Arizona homeowner experienced torrential downpours, the termites that had infested a fallen tree quickly moved from the rotten tree stump that was becoming flooded with water and moved to the home siding where within hours of the flood they had relocated and begun to nest. The homeowner was scouting the property after the storm to check for damage and noticed termites crawling around on his wood siding and finding cover between the wood panels. As he peeled back the wood siding he uncovered an incredible display of nature as the termites were already tunneling to get the queen to a safe place and out of the heavy rainfall. The termites were subterranean termites which are common to the Arizona desert. After the rains had stopped, he contacted a termite removal company in Phoenix for proper termination of the insect before damage was done.

The flooding that other Arizona homeowners have experiences have caused other unwanted rodents and pests to seek shelter in areas of the property they are normally not found. Animals may seek shelter under patios and decks of Arizona residents. From scorpions and mice, to snakes and javelina. Heavy rain fall like this can disrupt natural habitats and force animals out of their natural homes and into ours.

Record flooding has made hurricane rosa one of the wettest natural disasters to reach Phoenix in history. The flooding has caused sinkholes in city streets, trees to fall, cars are trapped, roadways closed, and homes and businesses are flooded. Arizona homeowners need to be cautious when cleaning up their property that there could be dangers lurking in the bushes of the property. Watch for snakes that may have retreated to higher lands to seek shelter, watch for javelina families, and other smaller aggressive rodents that may strike out of fear.