Stone Paving: Helping You Decide

Stone Paving is an artistic design that makes flat pieces of stop or concrete which is mostly in the shape of square. Stone pavers are usually placed on the ground especially on areas like paths, patios, driveways or pool decks. There are different styles of stone paving from which a person can choose from.

There are concrete pavers, sawn pavers and natural stone paving. This article will give full details about all this.

Paving can be done for your garden or even an outdoor room. There is a wide range of high quality stone beginning from traditional trends to modern ones. Stone pavers are made of different materials like bluestone, limestone, basalt, sandstone and granite. For pool sides, patios, walkaways, travertine is the best because of its durability and it does not reflect sunlight so much. Limestone on the other hand has very many colour variations. Sandstones are mostly used for patios and sidewalks or even backyards.

What is sawn paving?

Most people don’t really understand the true meaning of sawn pavers. This art was introduced in India and it was available in the standard riven finish. A riven is a stone that split naturally along its fault line. However, a stone can be sawn off the block in huge slabs instead of it being sawn naturally. Thereafter the slabs get cut into the required shape and size and then the surface they are to be placed on can be sand blasted or flamed.

Natural stone pavers

Natural pavers are stones which are natural and they are gotten from the earth. Some of this natural stones include granite, limestone or slate. They are very unique especially because every paver differs from the other in terms of colour and even texture. All the natural stone is strong and doesn’t wear easily. Most of them have a resistance to water hence can be maintained easily and they are less prone to weathering.