Smartest Details for the Essential Air Conditioning for You Now

In most Brazilian cities, air conditioning is part of the driver’s day-to-day life. The feature, however, is a source of headache when it comes to maintenance. This is because the air requires some preventive measures to avoid danger to the occupants of the automobiles. Another issue that plagues drivers: does fuel consumption increase with the use of air? We commented on 7 curiosities about the air conditioning. For the columbia sc air conditioning repair this is important now.

How often should air conditioning be serviced?

Ideally check in the manual of your car, but air maintenance should be performed, on average, every six months or 30 thousand kilometers. Be aware, some indications may point to a problem in the refrigeration system: bad smell, irritation of the nasal passages and delay of cooling.

What is hygienization of air conditioning?

  • Hygienization is set up by changing the particulate filter.
  • Check out our complete guide to automotive hygiene.

What about pipe cleaning?

Pipe cleaning is performed by the use of an antiseptic spray. If you do not want to pay the $ 100 or $ 150 charged for the workshop, buy a spray-type tub that costs $ 30 for air-conditioning cleaning. Follow its instructions: leaving the engine running, the air conditioner running, close the windows, turn the recirculation off and fire the contents in the air intake grid.

Keep the air at the minimum temperature (colder) spend more fuel?

The colder the interior of the car, the more air-conditioning will have to work. With this, the compressor will demand more power from the engine and, consequently, increase the consumption. The ideal is to keep the temperature between 22 and 23 degrees, not to require so much of the system. We separate seven curiosities about the air conditioning that every driver needs to know.

Is it possible to be in trouble for a long time without turning on the air conditioning?

The air-conditioning system has hoses, compressors, pistons, among other parts that need lubrication and which, at the same time, can be damaged. Therefore, despite the cold, it is necessary to turn the air two to three times a month for at least three minutes.

Why do you need to turn off the air just before reaching your destination?

The air-conditioning “generates” a small amount of water due to condensation, which makes the system an environment conducive to proliferation of mites, fungi and bacteria. Ideally, you should turn off the air conditioner and leave the fan on for five to 10 minutes to dry the source of moisture.

Can the recirculation key be activated for a long time?

That’s an important question! The recirculation key prevents air exchange between the internal and external environments of the car and can be a hazard . When the air is interrupted with the external environment, passengers breathe only the oxygen inside the car and expel harmful gases to the body. These gases, distributed by the cabin, return to the body and can cause, among other health problems, fatigue or sleep. Recirculation, then, should only be used to avoid dust and speed up the cooling process