Smart ways to decorate your house in music terms

The decoration of our house is a personal way everyone thinks of, as it reflects elements of his character and aesthetics. The choices we make when we decorate our space should reflect our preferences and hobbies. Music is an integral part of everyday life for most of the people, since it is considered one of the most powerful means of expression. If you are a music lover and you want to express this passion in your home space somehow, then you can get some creative ideas for decorating it in a music way.

All the musical instruments look great in a house, but what can you do if you do not use them and you see them dusting and grabbing your space unnecessarily? You can completely change their appearance by making an alternative decoration for both the interior of your home and your garden too. You can follow these ways even when the musical instrument you’ve got is spoiled, but it obviously cost you emotionally to get rid of it.

So how can you create a vintage decor for your home using them?

Garden Decorations

Surely you have seen some pictures on the internet where a piano has turned into a heavenly garden. Besides being able to plant flowers in it, you can also get water to run from its keys. Of course, if you want to give a different look to your garden you can plant flowers inside a viola too, beside the piano.

As far as the trumpets are concerned, you can very well join two C-shaped ones and put a lamp in them to use them as an outdoor lamp. But the easiest thing is to put your trumpets inside a large clay pot of stones and a water pump to run through the trumpets as a fountain.

DIY Furniture

Your guitars and piano can also be turned into a great alternative library for either your wall or the floor. If you do not know what to do with your drums set, the best solution, as it is obvious, is to use them like coffee tables for your living room.

As it is mentioned before, you can use the viola as a decoration item in the garden. If you think that you are destroying a much better and more useful idea then, you can cut the front piece in the middle and make it like a sliding door in order to put your drinks in and have it like your personal bar.


We have mentioned that a trumpet can transformed into one of the greatest wall lamps in your house, but it can also be the basis for an office luminaire. But surely the most impressive wall light you can make consists of drums in various sizes.

Create a music wall gallery

Do you like stylish and cheap art? It does not need more than your disc collection. Place your favorite albums in neutral frames and create a fun, contemporary wall gallery.

If you like making things for yourself, you can dress up a table as wallpaper with lyrics. Use the lyrics from a song that means something to you for extra personal touch. You can also use the lyrics’ idea as lining drawers.

If you do not know where to place your – somewhat bulky – amplifier, try using it as a side table. Place up a candle, a couple of books, and have an extra “boost” in decoration and music.

Do not forget the small details on music, accessories in the shape of a wrench, books and albums, collectible posters will give a great sense to your personal space. A sense full of rhythm.