Simple DIY Tips to Clean Plantation Shutters

Recently had popular Lifestyle Plantation Shutter online installed in your home? I assure that you’re over the moon and amazed with their functionality and design. And also you wish to upkeep the shutters and keep them looking as good as the day they were installed. Here comes the importance of cleaning and maintenance.

Just like, any other window covering, plantation shutters too need to be cleaned regularly to ensure its pristine condition for many years to come. In this article, we are going to discuss the simple DIY tips to clean Lifestyle Plantation Shutters.

Cleaning Normandy Phoenixwood Timber Plantation Shutters

Make sure to clean timber shutters without using a lot of water or any harsh cleaning chemicals. The best recommended way is using a dusting cloth or brush, a vacuum and a small brush. Now let me explain the procedure for cleaning your shutters:-

Run the vacuum with the brush attachment over the shutters to remove as much dust, debris and grime as possible. After vacuuming, use the soft dusting cloth to get in between each shutter, picking up any remaining dirt or dust. Once it’s done, wet the soft cloth slightly with water and gently scrub any particularly stubborn stains on the timber.

Durawood – ABS Synthetic Timber Plantation Shutters

Shutters made from a synthetic material can be cleaned using chemical-based cleaning materials if needed. The best way is to start off the cleaning process – with the same dry methods as used for wood shutters and then move on to harsher materials as needed.

Cleaning Exterior Shutters

Exterior plantation shutters are really tough to clean since they are harder to reach. First and foremost, start off the cleaning process by pressure washing or using a hose to get all the loose dirt and materials. You can also use the mixture of dish soap and water, as it can work well on blinds. And also, if there is any stubborn mould or stains, you can use bleach too.

Plantation Shutters Cleaning for Different Rooms

One last thing to consider: The mode and the way of cleaning differ based on rooms! Some of your plantation shutters are more likely to require more detailed cleaning more often. Shutters that are installed in bathroom, kitchen, dining areas, and children’s room can easily accumulate dirt, grime, hair spray and other forms of dirt and debris. Here comes the importance of frequent cleaning. For these rooms, it’s recommended to clean your plantation shutters weekly once to keep them looking as good as new.

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