Signs It is Time to Redesign or Renovate Your Gas Bar, C-Store or Car Wash

Wear and tear is always a part of the lifecycle of any building, no matter how well you have maintained it. For the retailers, the flow of customers speeds up the process. You have to constantly thrive to keep up. With any kind of renovation project, it is obvious to seek excuses and procrastinate the project to the last possible moment. Some people make the expense, effort and inconvenience the excuses to avoid the renovation. The problem is, the more you delay it, the more it will cost you in the future. Hence, it is crucial to view renovations as an important investment in the ongoing success of your business. Here are some signs that prove that your commercial space needs renovation.

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  1. Your facility is about to reach its end of life.

Nothing is meant to last forever. Whenever things break down, fall apart or begin to crumble, it is important to address the issue without delaying it. An unrepaired building will only shoo your customers away, or even worse, it will attract unwanted attention from the inspectors who will fine you or shut your business down without any notice, just for the sake of personal safety. No matter what kind of damage it is, it creates a sense of unease and mistrust among your customers. Gone are the days to have old style steel storage tanks. People are now installing longer lasting double walled fiberglass tanks. When you are considering the renovation of your customer space by hiring Stendel + Reich, make sure that you are choosing products and materials that are durable and everlasting, so you won’t have to consider renovating your space again.

  1. Your needs or customer’s expectations have changed

The most successful businesspeople are the ones who evaluate the competitive landscape on a continual basis, assess the shortcomings, and identify opportunities to improve the profitability. The best renovations are led by the careful observation. A huge part of being an observant is to monitor what your competitors are doing, to stay on the top of the trends and technologies you can introduce to enhance the customer experience. Also be cautious of the demographics of your market—is the population growing? Are new homes being built? Are the young children are now becoming teens? Are the buying patterns changing? If yes, then how?