Should you consider a fireplace mantel? Find out here!

If your home has a fireplace, you probably know that things can look a bit dull when the fireplace is not in use. Also, the fireplace, being the central point of attention in most rooms, doesn’t look its best without some extra décor and style. That’s exactly where you can consider a fireplace mantel. For the uninitiated, a fireplace mantel is much like a hood for the fireplace, and it has many benefits. In this post, let’s check some of the relevant aspects and why you might want to add a mantel for your fireplace.

What are the pros and cons?

There are many advantages of having a fireplace mantel. In terms of functionality, it doesn’t let the smoke get into the room extensively and kind of protects the walls from heat and smoke. You would be surprised to know that the fireplace mantel has been in use since the medieval times, and mainly because it helps in uplifting the fireplace considerably. A mantel is considered to be a decorative element for most rooms. It can be used for placing all your family photos, selected artifacts and even to display smaller plants. If you don’t want a boring fireplace, this is the best idea to go for. Not to forget, there are so many types of materials and designs you can select for the fireplace mantel, right from affordable and versatile cast stone to something traditional like wood.

On the flip side, mantel do add to the cost of home improvement, but if you consider the long-term advantages, the price is worth paying.

Things to know

You can check online for Omega fireplace mantels for sale, but before taking the call, there are a few things to look for. Firstly, consider the norms. There are usually safety guidelines for fireplaces, which must be adhered to for the mantel, as well. Secondly, select the material wisely. If you don’t want to spend a fortune and yet are keen on a versatile design, cast stone is the best choice by all means. You can find vendors who would offer design consultation, and you can expect to get a better idea of what may work better for your home.

What is also necessary is to consider the existing theme of your room. The mantel should correspond to the walls, cabinets and other elements. You can check online for a few good design ideas.