Should I Bolt Down My Home Safe?

This is a question that regularly pops up and it’s likely you’ll get a number of different answers, depending on who you ask. Safes are becoming a popular addition in the home as more and more people worry about the safety of their possessions. However, some of you reading this may in fact be wondering whether you should get a safe at all? Think about all the valuable possessions you have around your home. Laptops, games consoles, smartphones, personal data, family photos and possibly some antiques and jewellery. Now imagine how you’re going to feel if they are all burgled. Perhaps now you’ve just decided it’s time to get a safe.

Should You Bolt It Down?

Your insurance company will definitely say yes, and they’ll also advise you to have it professionally fitted or fixed to the floor. Safes sold by recognised companies such as Secure Safe, are all fitted with anchoring points, so it would make sense to use them. It is possible for you to fix the safe yourself, but it can be included as part of the installation service.

Where is the Best Place to Fix It?

The ideal location for a safe is where it can be fixed to a concrete floor. A wooden floor will work but you need to make sure it’s secure by bolting it to a joist using coach bolts. You could also glue it, but that’s a rather more permanent solution.

If you live in a rented property you’ll need to ask your landlords permission before drilling holes in the wall or floor. Gluing won’t be an option in this case because you’ll have to leave the safe behind when you move. Another downside relates to the problem of losing the combination or key. If the safe is bolted to the floor or wall you’re going to have to pay a call out fee for a locksmith.

Can You Secure a Safe Without Bolting it to a Floor?

There are a number of ways to better secure a safe if bolting it to a floor or wall is not an option. One of the easiest ways is to add additional weight, thereby making the safe more difficult to move. Alternatively, bolt it to a heavy metal base using bolts that fasten inside. One other consideration is to secure it using a security cable. Affix a mounting plate to the wall to secure the cable or place your safe near a steel pole or structure.