Shortlisting the Best juicers Among the Lots in The Market

With a wide variety of juicers being sold in the markets, there is a lot of confusion among customers as to which product to go for. On top of this, there are people who have never purchased a juicer just as we have those that have never used a juicer before, which poses a bigger dilemma for them. In order to tackle this dilemma, the best thing to do when considering the best juicers on the market would be to go for a twin-gear juicer. Firstly, these are capable of producing more juice than the normal ones and most importantly, they do not produce too much noise. There are plenty of juicer models in the market, which are quite versatile and tend to last longer. On top of that, one can count on the quality of juice to be good and nutritious.

Why would anyone need a juicer in the first place?

Juicing happens to be an important part for people who wish to lead a healthy life. According to nutritionists, vegetables & fruits are extremely rich in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and different sorts of rich enzymes. Most of these advanced nutrients are destroyed in the juicing process, but a good quality twin gear juicer preserves these nutrients, adding more energy & better detox. People are getting more passionate about juicers owing to their qualities such as disease prevention, energy source and healthy diet.

But one must go through certain points to keep in mind while buying a juicer on the internet.

Four of the best juicers to go for

  1. OMEGA 8006 NUTRITION CENTER – This is known to be one of the best masticating juicers available in the market. First of all, it is quite easy to use so whether you wish to cut veggies or fruits, this model is ideal. On top of that, it is quite easy to clean this up and the juice quality is bolder than that produced by the usual centrifugal products. The auger fitted to this model operates at 80 rpm, which effectively pushes out all the juice into a thick pulp. The process of oxidation is kept to the bare minimum, which keeps the nutrition level intact.
  2. BREVILLE 800JEXL JUICE FOUNTAIN ELITE – The application of this model of juicer is somewhat similar to that of a common washing machine. The chute is where the produce is to be inserted and there is a shredder plate attached that effectively pumps out the pulp. These are rated high on popularity charts and are considered to be quite affordable.
  3. SAMSON WELLES – This is a popular hydraulic press juicer, which is operated manually, hence giving full control to the user. Since there is a mechanized process, hence the user has to apply pressure and this pushes all the pulp out of the produce efficiently. The pressure amounts to approximately 2 tons, which is enough to squeeze all the pulp out.
  4. TRIBEST GSE-5000 GREEN STAR ELITE – This model comes with 2 gears, which can be interlocked and they resemble a transmission gear fitted in a car. The purpose of gears is to shred each and every bit of produce, hence squeezing out all the liquid. The model provides a good quality masticating function and preserves nutrients at the same time.