Rug Doctor Mighty Pro X3 Pet Pack Reviews

Pets spoil your carpet; their hair falls, they make dirty by various methods as well as if you have a kid in your house, they are going to make your carpet or rugs dirty. Whereas a carpet or rug makes your house look beautiful, they bring the extra charm a house need. So, when they look dirty, your house won’t look good. But with Rug Doctor Mighty Pro X3 Pet Pack, you don’t have to worry anymore. Let’s look at some of Rug Doctor reviews.

Top Features of Rug Doctor

  • Your Rug Doctor helps you to loosen the stains on your carpet and also pull out the dirt from the base with the help of vibrating brush.
  • Your Rug Doctor’s handles are adjustable, ranges from 32.5” to 36.5”.
  • A stair and upholstery took included in the pack. Also included a formula for pet carpet cleaner of 40oz and a pet urine spray.

Cleaning is Powerful

The past carpet cleaning machines used to have mixed results. As per Reviews of Rug Doctor, Rug Doctor designs are made to make the machines cleaning efficiency very high. The design team concentrated on power, deep cleaning and pets.

Clean and Dirty Water

Water never gets cross contaminated; the clean and dirty water stays separated from each other.


Rug Doctor is designed for frequent use, and it is designed to get bumped on the furniture or wall, and it can be used for a long time.

Comparing it with Same Priced Machines

There are machines available on the market at the same price. Most of them at the same price are deep cleaners and provides good results. Most of the machines of the same price list are designed to clean deep and with the solution of pets.

Rug Doctor has a tank to hold water which is around 3 gallons, whereas, some machines of the same price category have 1.75 gallons; therefore, Rug Doctor has to be refilled less. Some machines of same price category have a power cable or 25 ft, whereas, Rug Doctor’s power cord’s length is around 28 ft. Some machines are heavier like 42 pounds or more, whereas, Rug Doctor is 39 pounds.


You get a warranty of 5 years with Rug Doctor. In these five years, if anything goes wrong with the machine, the company will fix it for free of cost.


  • Rug Doctor can be used to clean unidirectionally. It means you can’t use it to clean carpets in two directions, which means the time you will take to clean a carpet will be a little more.
  • Machines are heavy, and you might feel difficulty to move them around.