Room Unlock: 5 Simple Ways to Make The Best Out of Your Dorm Room

More than getting good grades, meeting new people, and being more responsible than you were before, college is a place where you can enjoy things that you have not experienced before.

One of the first things that every student do when preparing for the start of class is arranging stuff and making the dorm room as comfy but awesome as possible.

Here are five ways to help you in improving your room and make it the best place for you to stay.

Rearrange Your Furniture

The best way to find the perfect face of your room is to rearrange your furniture. Try placing them in the different parts of the room where you can find an ideal placement of your couch, bed, closet, study table, and other furniture that your dorm room has.

You might be thinking about buying more furniture to add in your room. Before deciding what kind of furniture to buy, make sure that your room has enough space where you can place it. Be smart in choosing the pieces and pick those that are multifunctional, mobile, and compact. It is important to have extra space in your room to keep it open.

It will be much convenient for you to move the things in your room whenever you want it to have a different purpose during the day, and use it in another way during the night.

Loft Your Bed

After getting soft, warm, and comfy mattresses on some reputable sites like Beds Online, one more thing you better consider is lofting your bed. It will give you a spacious area where you can place your desk and closet, use it as a storage area, or have it as a lounging spot.

Combine Your Perfect Colors

Interior designers and artists believe that the colors in our surroundings can affect an individual’s mood and emotions.

It is important that you feel relaxed, stress-free and comfortable once you enter your room after an exhausting day at school. You can achieve this with your room decorations that you decide to design.

You might be thinking of creating Do-It-Yourself (DIY) projects to spice up your room or deciding what color to paint the walls. Make sure to pick colors that provide a soothing and refreshing feeling to the eyes like blue, green, and white.

Select Your Theme

Show your personality by allowing your style reflect in your room. You can check out online if you need more ideas about choosing a theme that suits your taste.

Some room themes are minimalist, hippie, animal prints, geometric patterns, and starry night. You can also get ideas from your favorite sports, movies, television series, superheroes, and boy/girl bands.

Turn your ordinary room into a world of your choice by fusing your room decorations like curtains, wall posters, organizers, and other artworks you want to add in your room.

Be Clutter Free

A perfect room does not end after a total makeover. An ideal room’s most important factor but often overlooked is its cleanliness. It is understandable that most of the time you can not clean up because you’re busy with all the deadlines, exams, reports, and projects that you need to finish first.

However, it is important to find some time, perhaps during weekends, to clean up your room because you’re the one who lives in it and nobody wants a dirty home, right?

Based on Marie Kondo’s book called “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing,” get rid of the things that do not make you happy. You will find that letting go of things brings bliss and eventually transform you.

Space Savers

Space is a valuable thing especially when living in a dorm room. You’ll want to maximize as much space as possible so that you can freely move and do your thing without a hitch. A simple way you can do this is by modifying your bed so that it can have a movable drawer for clothes. You can also hang some hampers on the wall which can serve as storage for clean clothing so you won’t have to cramp up your room with plastic cabinets as storage.

Secret Spot

Always have a “Secret Spot” inside your dorm room. Make sure you keep it well hidden where no one can ever find your most treasured belongings. Avoid common places like underneath your folded clothes or underneath your bed. Be creative and look for unusual hiding places like underneath loose floorboards or inside pillows or your mattress.

The only problem you’ll have when placing your secret stashes and items in your spot is yourself. Your spot may be too secretive that even you can totally forget about it eventually.


Living alone far away from home is an exciting experience for most students, but it may also be a scary thing for some. Either way, one of the best things you will experience when moving into a dorm room is decorating your room.

There are a lot of ways to decorate every kind of room. Feel free to try new ideas and improve your room the way you want it to be.

Author Bio

Rachel Minahan is a full-time mother of two teenagers and a part-time furniture designer. She loves to share her ideas about furniture and interior designing to every artist in the world. She lives with her husband, two children, and their cute pug.