Renting a Dubai Property? Read these Tips First

Dubai provides excellent housing options. The majority of places to live here can be quite expensive and comes with a one-year lease. Thus, before you rent a Dubai apartment, ensure you know the details. Here are some helpful tips:

Choose your Location

To be happy about being an expat in Dubai, ensure you enjoy coming home on a daily basis. Particularly during the hot months when it is more challenging to get rid of the sun, it is essential to make your home your comfortable sanctuary. This means, being careful when choosing the apartment’s location. When deciding the locations, consider the following:

  • Length of time it takes you to get to and from work every day.
  • The comfort when driving on busy highways.
  • Your desire to live near the beach.
  • Facilities available such as restaurants, shops and hospitals.
  • Proximity to public transportation.

Decide your Lifestyle

In general, there are three kinds of areas you can take into account as an expat who rents a Dubai apartment. All options have both pros and cons and it depends on your preferred lifestyle. These include:

  • Estate living. Estates like the Arabian Ranches, The Springs and Mudon are well-maintained and laid out. They all have gated security.
  • High-density living. Apartment living provides you less outdoor space; however, you can have more access to a wider choice of nearby facilities and shops.
  • Suburban living. Villas situated in older areas such as Umm Sequim or Jumeirah are the same as other suburbs in the world. Residents will have a private villa on a block with an individual landlord.

Don’t Hesitate to Negotiate

After working out the area you want and the kind of lifestyle you prefer, it is time to begin inspecting homes in Dubai. When renting a Dubai apartment, always negotiate. If you want to start checking out properties, do your homework on average prices in an area. This can provide you confidence as you try to negotiate the rent.

Dubai is home to amazing rental properties and lifestyles. Just like when you are in other places in the world, you need to know your rights. Ensure you do your research to avoid any issues.