Perfect Height for bathroom fixtures

Bathroom fixtures usually refer to the essentials we hung around the bathroom for different purposes. While they prove to be extremely convenient, it is necessary to note that their placement plays an important role. The height at which these fixtures are made should be convenient for everyone around the house. Since the homeowner is no expert in the field of ergonomics, it is usually handled by an experienced interior designer. As a result, while managing bathroom fixtures, you should ensure to get a professional interior designer who can help to manage the entire working.

Some of the probable bathroom items about whose placement you should be concerned include


The height at which the mirror is installed directly depends on the type of mirror you are installing. The mirror, however, should be placed between 38-42 inches in between for proper convenience. Moreover, the backdrop against which the mirror is being placed also matters. Therefore, you should ensure that no matter where you are placing the mirror, you have set up a perfect backdrop at a perfect height.


People have committed huge and grave mistakes with the placement of showerheads. In most of the bathrooms, it can be found that the showerheads are placed too close to the head. This can, however, prevent you from taking a thorough bath.

Experts suggest that the height of rain shower or showerhead shouldn’t be too high. It should be at an optimal height where it neither touches your head nor the ceiling. The optimal height would ensure proper water flow. Usually the showerheads are installed at the height of six feet. Nonetheless, the height should, however, be decided depending on the height of the family members. You should ensure that you don’t need to crouch while taking a shower.

Towel Ring

According to experts, the ideal height at which a towel Ring should be placed must be between 50-52 inches. The height should, however, be measured from the finished bathroom floor. Nonetheless, a lot of people require the towel ring to be placed above the vanity. In that case the ideal height is regarded to be 20-22 inches from the counter height as per the convenience.


Usually, cabinet has a height of 54 inches from the bathroom floor. Nonetheless, the height entirely depends on what type of floor and what the interior design of your bathroom is. There should be a significant amount of difference between the cabinet and counter for better convenience.

No matter how you are placing these bathroom fixtures, the backdrop against which they are set matter a lot. Hence, thegranite au Sommet marbles can help you get marble at an affordable rate which can help lay down.