Painting The Fascia Guttering And Pipes Using Proper Color

Most of the time, people are more into painting the house walls and forget about their fascia, gutter and pipes. Well, these are some of the important parts of your house and painting a pipe or down pipe can always elevate its longevity to a great extent. Most of the people cannot change their roof color without procuring help from a professional. Therefore, it is always mandatory for you to call an expert to start with the roof color and then choose some of the complimenting Painting colors for covering some of the exterior surfaces out there. If you are not sure of the color to choose for your fascia or gutter, then let the experts handle it for you.

No such specified rules:

There is no such specific rule available on the color, which you need for painting the fascia and guttering. These two can be of the same color if you want and similar to that of the roof. With the help of different colors, you can get the chance to highlight some architectural detail. But when it is about the fascia and guttering, the case may not be the same always. Painting your guttering in the same color as fascia can prove to be a good choice for boarder look.

Be careful of the color choice:

Keeping a contrast with the wall and roof color for the guttering and fascia can prove to be a great idea, but it is often recommended to keep the colors of guttering and fascia same. Be very careful while choosing the colors, as using separate colors for these two parts can act as a frame around your place. If you have a big house, then coloring guttering and fascia in separate colors might make sense, but not for the standard sized places.

For the down pipes:

When it comes to down pipes, these parts need to blend well with the other areas of the house. However, there are some people out there, who still love to highlight the down pipes with different colors for any specific reason. It is mandatory for them to blend the color of down pipe to such an extent from where it will be invisible to eye. It is always mandatory to paint the pipes with the same color as that of the ground they are touching. It should match with the colors of fascia, walls and soffit.

For the other options:

Well, in some other instances, your down pipes might have up to maximum 3 colors. In case, your exterior walls are designed well with multi-colored surface like bricks, then you can use the different colors for your down pipes, if you want to blend it completely. In case, these pipes are metal and quite rusted out, it is always mandatory to replace the old with the PVC ones, before starting to paint the place. It is really difficult for the painters to paint the back side of the down pipes, as these are attached to house.