Moose Decor Ideas for the Fall and Winter Months

The air is crisp, and hunting season is underway. Now is the time to decorate your home for the cold months and the holidays, but you want something new and fresh to work with that can blend with other winter themes.

Moose decor is quickly on the rise in popularity, with decorations options for all different seasons and occasions. Moose are the largest living animals in the deer family, and they make a wonderful addition to a variety décor concepts.

Snuggling Up with a Moose

Much like wolves were popular in the 80s and 90s, covering yourself with a moose throw blanket looks great when not in use and will keep you warm on those chilly nights. Sheets, pillowcases and bedding blankets can turn a bland-looking bedroom into a rustic masterpiece while moose decorated throw pillows can add a final and elegant touch.

These rustic items are usually made from high quality fabrics while having a color scheme that can blend well with other fall and winter decorations. This is especially true for the holidays. Moose decor can often come in shades of greens, reds, and whites; making it easy to add holiday decorations in your home without creating an unbalanced feel.

Outdoor Décor

Sitting around the fire-pit on a cool evening while the kids make s’mores is a fall tradition in many parts of the country. Most pits are bland and boring, but adding moose decals or cut-outs can give your fire-pit a new and fresh look.

Adding wooden or metal decorations with a moose theme to your yard can create a friendly and warm theme that guests and friends will be jealous over. After all, the moose is powerful looking while primarily being a gentle creature.

Transforming a Bathroom

With a variety of color schemes and various moose art, bathrooms have become one of the more popular rooms in the home to display a moose decor. From shower curtains and hand carved towel hangers, these items create a warm and comforting feeling that will work great in either a guest or master bathroom.


Forget the cows and the roosters when you can go big with a moose. Simple designs like a paper-towel holder, a coffee cup or spice rack, or moose printed dish towels can create a hearty kitchen atmosphere. You can even go a step further with works such as moose chandeliers or carved out moose backed chairs for the table or kitchen bar.

One of the most beautiful aspects of the moose is its ability to be agile despite its size. As a decoration, the moose has similar qualities. These works blend well with their environment and can be used in a variety of rustic ways.