Mix and Match Bedding Ideas – Top Ways to Blend It Well with Your Current Decor!

 What can be called as perfect bedding? Well, it is one that can best match to your style and can blend seamlessly with your existing bedroom decor. Without compromising with the design of your room, you can seamlessly create a comfortable and appealing bed by tying in the elements and colours of the bedroom decor smartly.

The following are some of the best tips that will lead you towards getting just the right combination of pattern, colour, as well as texture to create right bedding. Read on and make a smart decision!

Begin with basics!

A pretty bed starts with basics that usually include cotton bedlinen, classic bed-skirt, and a statement headboard. You can begin building from neutral foundation that is rich in texture as well. Experiment with different patterns and colours to get the most appealing look!

Choose varying patterns!

Let your eyes be pleased by choosing different patterns in various shapes, styles, and sizes. For instance, the shams that support small-scale block print can add a great welcoming balance to the overall look.

You can even go for stripes. Any print, right from paisley, to floral and leopard, every pattern can play best with the stripes design. Coupling the classic stripes with unexpected print can also turn out to be a great idea!

Texture and dimension

Build texture with various blankets, knits, as well as shams to create a warm and inviting feel. It will pull up elements and can create a comfortable and eye pleasing environment. If you really desire adding depth to your overall design, then check out for latest textures and patterns!

Play with colours!

Use pillows and throws to blend accessories and art in your overall decor for different pops of colour. Add minute yet significant details on monochrome bed and you will see that the most treasured pieces can flow right to centre of room offering stunning look! Ensure creating a thoughtful design that you can cherish!

Moreover, it is important to use relevant colours sharing same intensity. You can even opt for just one colour for a chic look.

Mix with cream

Teal and cream are a great colour combination that can work well throughout the year. Pair it with frosty rug to create a cool and cosy look. You can then mix it with grey and blue accessories for lighter appeal in summer.

Cream even works great with berry colours. Ensure investing a full set of both the colours. It will allow you to invert shades for new look!

Cream can even be used for softening darker colours such as navy, black, and brown. You can even use blending accessories to bring out the best colours in your bed sheets.

Another idea is going for monochrome to create a sophisticated look. You can easily mix grey and black sheets for base. To finish the look, just add patterned textiles like rug in grey again. It should just be remembered that opting for too much of the dark isn’t good either. Just mix and match colours and choose the one that can look fresh as well.

Go for three colours!

If you have a colourful mind, you might not just want to settle with 2 colours! In such case, you can combine three shades for your bed! However, make sure that these three colours complement well with each other. It will even be quite easy for you to make your bed appear welcoming always!

Going for 100% cotton when it comes to bedding is always the best idea. Cotton is a natural and breathable fabric that will help you feel cool and comfortable throughout night!