Making Your Small Workshop Feel Better

Although there are many large workshops to let in Yorkshire, if you have already fallen in love with your small workshop you don’t need to worry. We understand that small workshops can feel cramped, but with a few clever tips (which we will be providing today), you can make your workshop feel loads bigger, freeing up more space for you to enjoy your workshop to its full potential! This sound interesting to you? Keep on reading at your peril…

Clever ways to make your workshop feel bigger

Paint your space – Most people make the mistake of not painting their workshops at all, however this is a huge mistake because unpainted workshops can look dark and dingy.  You should definitely consider painting your workshop in a light and bright colour – This will make your workshop not only seem bigger but also seem fresher and more inviting. It can be a good idea to paint everything that same colour, including window and doorframes and cupboards.


Let there be light – Small workshops can look small no matter how much you spend on lighting and bulbs. However if you use LED lighting you will see a huge difference and finally feel like you are not sat working in a cave. Alternatively, you could consider installing windows in your workshop to let in as much natural light as possible.

Consider your workbenches – When you have a small workshop you have to be rally clever, and ensure that everything inside is optimised for the small space it is going to be in, this includes your workbenches. You should be considering space-saving work benches and folding workbenches, bearing in mind that workbenches are always best when they are on wheels.

Organisation – You need to keep everything organised inside your workshop otherwise, you will find it difficult to find the things that you need and end up getting stressed out. You should aim to have enough shelves and cupboard to store all of your belongings away neatly, and each should be labeled so you can find things without having to rummage. You should always put things back in their place after they have been used.