Learn About the Helpful Features of Power Sanders and How to Use Them

Sanding wood is one of the most common home improvement activities carried out by people on their own. Power sanders help to make this job easy and simple. There are different types of power sanders available on the market. Each of these types has its own set of pros and cons. Gaining knowledge about the power sander you own and the right way to use it can help in the smooth accomplishment of the task.

What are the popular types of Sanders available on the market?

The right selection of the Sander depends on the type of the project. On the basis of the work, Sanders are broadly classified into three main categories these are a belt sander, random-orbit sander and orbital sander. Nutty DIY is one of the best places to find reviews on a wide range of best quality Sanders.

Electric Sander

This type of sander is considered to be the best, easiest and quickest method to sand wooden surface and make it smooth. This automated device makes a daunting task, quite simple and pleasant. Electric sanders with the correct abrasive can help you sand any edge or surface with great comfort, efficiency and precision.

Belt Sander

This type of sander is especially used when you are smoothing flat, large, and rough surfaces. It works at a very high speed. You will find its brute strength to be highest in comparison to any other type of sander. As the name suggests, this machine accepts sanding belts that run in continuous loops of abrasive cloth that perfectly fits over 2 cylindrical shaped drums.

Belt sanders are best to be used for flattening the thin edges of boards. It is also best to fasten several different boards at one place and then sand all its edges simultaneously. This is called gang sanding that saves a lot of time and effort without compromising on the quality of the produce.

If you want to remove old paint, stain or varnish, then these can be the best ones to use. When starting to use it, on must keep the machine at a rough 60-grit belt. Slowly you can progress through smoother and finer shingles till you get the desired smoothness.

You will get belt sanders in 4 sizes. The different size refers to the different size of the belt that the machine accepts. These sizes are:

  • 3×18 inch: This is the most popular size as it provides the right combination of power, speed, and balance.
  • 3×21 inch: This size is compact and easy to control. It is suitable for those who are beginners or have smaller hands.
  • 3×24 inch: This size provides more amount of sanding surface but it is less stable and little hard to control.
  • 4×24 inch: This model is best suited for sanding large and flat surfaces. This heavy-duty machine is difficult to control and results in greater damage if done by a novice or an inexperienced person.

Orbital Finishing Sander

This type of sander is known for its better finishing and light in weight structure. It is not just quiet but also can be controlled easily using one hand. There have been found no instances where the operating surface or the user has got any sort of damage while working on this type of sander machine.

As it is passive, an orbital sander is not regarded as useful for removal of heavy stock. It functions more as an efficient tool for ultra-smooth sanding of wood, rounding sharp edges, sanding wood putty that has become very hard, and eliminating dried paint and varnish coats from a surface.

Random Orbit Sander

A random orbit sander is a machine that has got qualities of an orbital finishing sander and a belt sander. It has got the same design, compact structure of housings with circular palm-grip tops as that of an orbital sander. There is only one major difference between these two tools –

Where an orbital sander has got a square shaped sanding pad, you will see a round pad in case of a random orbit Sander. Rounded pad moves in the form of random orbits that aids in the removal of stock and getting ultra-smooth finish.


A power sander is one such thing that one makes a tedious chore efficient and simple. It can be done well and rapidly using the right set of tools as well as the right sandpaper. This information will be of great help when using these sanders for your work.