Landscaping Materials and Garden Possibilities

You may not be thinking of heading out in to your garden as winter progresses but there’s more to gardening than gardening. Don’t forget the landscaping possibilities.

Many of us get carried away with thoughts about which plants will look nice where, which trees and bushes will need to be cut back and where you placed the daffodil and crocus bulbs.

Away from the soil and foliage you have an opportunity, even in the shorter days (which are getting longer) to make effective changes to your exterior space so that when spring arrives you don’t work your way towards summer planting, adding new touches and materials in a massive campaign.

Pay a visit to gravel suppliers and landscaping materials experts like Rivar Sand and Gravel in Newbury, Tadley and Windlesham, do a little landscaping now and you’ll be able to enjoy the fresh life, eye catching appearance and relax in the sunshine.

Landscaping materials encompass many products including:

  • Gravel
  • Natural paving e.g. sandstone/marble/travertine.
  • Concrete paving
  • Landscaping bark
  • Decking
  • Stone
  • Bricks
  • Timber sleepers
  • Granite setts
  • Pebbles
  • Cobbles

Easy to purchase from stockists, membranes can be laid over soil more easily at this time of the year so that the plants can find daylight but the weeds will be thwarted by your top layer e.g. gravel and the membrane.

Don’t neglect the time saving products which will allow you to potter with plants rather than weeds.

This space is like an additional room. You wouldn’t want to hoover every day for half an hour in one room so don’t give yourself a daily outdoor chore.

These are quick and simple to install landscaping products that allow changes in a few hours:

There are several locally sourced gravels which Berkshire gravel suppliers are proud to stock.

Thames Valley Flint in Moonstone Gravel offers a bright appearance that will enliven any space without diminishing the impact of the planting.

It is black, white, brown and grey and comes in 10mm and 20mm chips. Moonstone Gravel is an excellent path and driveway chippings product.

Another local favourite is South Cerney Gravel in 10mm and 20-5mm.

South Cerney Gravel is semi rounded, yellow-buff and it can be used almost anywhere with a pleasing effect. It’s cost effective and like many gravels it is easy to install.

If you want to use pebbles around a water feature, then there’s a wide variety to choose from.

You’ll find that gravel suppliers stock these too. Scottish pebbles are pink hued, blue, grey and brown and measure between 20mm and 40mm.

Perhaps you already have driveway chippings but would like to install an edging, why not add black, silver or beige granite setts at the perimeter of the driveway (or a gravel path) to add to the elegance and curb appeal.

You’ll be able to purchase granite setts to compliment gravels at landscaping materials and gravel suppliers in the area. They cost approximately £1-2 each at 110x110x50mm.

There are so many other winter landscaping possibilities so don’t wait, get researching!