Kiln Dried Logs: FAQs

Recently kiln dried logs have gained much popularity amongst log burning stove owners in recent years, however it has recently come to our attention that there is still a large number of people that don’t even know what kiln dried log are, and that are in turn still using regular wood on their home fires. With this in mind we are here today wo answer some of the most basic and common questions regarding kiln dried logs, with the intention of allowing even more people to heat their homes in the most awesome way!



What is kiln-dried wood?


Kiln dried wood is what it says it is – wood than has been dried out in a kiln. Traditionally wood takes long periods of time to dry out but thanks to the involvement of kilns wood can now be dried out at fast paces, creating a better quality of wood known as kiln-dried timber or lumber.

Is kiln-dried wood better?

Kiln-dried wood is far superior to regular wood, especially when it comes to heating the home. This is for a number of reasons including

  • Kiln dried wood burns for longer than normal wood meaning you do not need to use as much
  • Kiln dried wood is much dryer than other wood and therefore burns at a much hotter temperature
  • Kin dried wood is available all year round unlike seasoned wood especially considering recent climate changes

Can you buy kiln dried wood?

Kiln-dried wood is now available from many UK firewood suppliers in line with popular demand, with one fine example being Harpers Firewood, a company specialising in kiln-dried logs for sale in Fleetwood and the surrounding areas. Visit your local firewood supplier today and give kiln-dried logs a try, we are almost certain that if you do, you won’t look back.