Kids’ room

In the children’s room decoration, you have to create a space that feels safe and does not limit its imagination. Our rules will lead you in this direction!

The children’s room should be fully functional, tempting the child to spend time there, supporting his creativity and imagination in order to make a shelter.

The children’s room is not just four walls; it should not be decorated by the parent without the opinion or even creative touches of the child and does not have to agree decorative with the rest of the house. At the same time, it must be functional and have the child access to his or her belongings. The important rules when designing or decorating a children’s room will put you on the right path to create a company!

Think out of the Box

Children’s room storage often ends up being trunks to put all the child’s things together. Important in decorating the children’s room is to reflect the personality of the child and smart trick will be to make storage in a game.

DIY-cups will make the child’s imagination, cardboard dollhouses that when opened will show the library or wicker baskets for the toy games; will push the child to put things in place like a toy. The well-being and the process of learning in children is based on the game and that’s what you use!

Leave space for creativity

Leaving space for imagination and creativity, and thinking parents beyond norms, they give the child the skills to enrich his personality and she, along with the child, to flourish. From strange beds with shapes, spaceships, cars, jungles or houses, up to an imaginary trip to the sea bottom in clam bed, the solutions are in front of your eyes.

The simple style and minimal decoration, in any case, is the best choice for the children’s room. Let the younger children decorate the wall with their beloved heroes and their own paintings. For the younger children, place a mirror from the early years of his life, because he is building his exterior image. Pillows and pillows suit every age and give a sense of warmth and a beautiful atmosphere.

Let the child’s personality shine!

When designing a child’s room, the colorful and self-referencing character of the child’s details can be neglected by virtue of functionality. But even the few details that respond to the personality of the child are important to be tied to the place. The child has to make his / her own choices about the room, whether it is between things that you have pre-selected, or make options from a zero basis (For example: what bed do you like with this money?)

Make a child’s room according to the new pedagogical methods, where the child can gain freedom, self-discipline, sensory development and spontaneous interest in learning. The favorite colors, objects and space itself, changes psychology and expresses us. Choose your quality but give your children the option to create their own space with their own ideas and to stimulate imagination, creativity and the need for exploration and experimentation. You can, for example let them buy poster prints online instead of choosing instead of them. Put color in the room. Prefer soft colors, in shades of green, blue or orange, colors that rest and do not create a sense of tension.

From something small to big, the child’s choices are very important, it will make the place easier and to be honest, it’s just! Depreciation will be made directly from the smile and the pleasant mood of the child in his room! Just let you and your kid free and everybody is going to be happy after all..