Is there a difference between a boat slip and dock?

If you’re thinking about buying a boat, you may have heard of the terms “boat slip” and “boat dock.” While they both relate to boarding your new boat, they’re a little different in function and form. Here’s what you need to know about slips and boat docks Rockport.

Boat Slips vs. Boat Docks: The Differences

A boat dock extends into the water and is open on three sides, creating a single walkway on which a boat is often tethered. A boat slip creates “parking stalls” in the water instead, with each section contained on all three sides.

In a boat slip, the boat will be placed between two walkways, with a third in front of it. With a boat dock, the boat will only have one side up against the dock.

The Advantages of a Boat Dock

Boat docks are more affordable than boat slips because they are a simpler, easier construction. They are more popular with homeowners because they take up less space and tend to be more flexible.

The Advantages of a Boat Slip

When there is the room available, a boat slip is almost always more advantageous. Boat slips allow for more areas to tether the boat, keeping it better protected. Boat slips can hold several watercrafts equal to the size of the slip, and they also make it easier and safer to board the boat.

Whether a boat dock or boat slip is best for you depends largely on the area you want to build it in and the size and number of your boats. For more information about the differences, contact the experts at Kinsel Docks.