Investing in Kitchen Efficiency and Aesthetics

It is no big secret that remodeling your the kitchen in your home can be a very smart investment. Obviously this project can make your home that much more comfortable and efficient but, in case you have not thought this far down the road, it can also dramatically increase your home’s value, too. But to get the best of both worlds you should look at, essentially, just two important design aspects.


Remodeling your kitchen should definitely be motivated by an improvement in efficiency. Whether you need more space for a growing family or just want to make cooking food at home—and entertaining guests—a more enjoyable experience, remodeling is quite simply a good idea.  Redesigning your kitchen from an efficiency standpoint typically involves improved storage options and space-saving appliances.

But an efficient should be more than just one in which it is easy to prepare food. You can also look for ways to improve your home’s energy use, too. The kitchen is filled with several large appliances—refrigerator, freezer, dishwasher, range, microwave, etc—which use a lot of energy.  And if you like to cook—and do it often—you might find that you can save the environment—as well as some money on your energy bills—by switching out your old appliances for new, eco-friendly ones. That is not to mention, of course, that doing this will also be more encouraging to potential buyers, down the road.

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Efficiency is not the only reason to renovate your kitchen. Actually, you don’t really have to upgrade your appliances or make adjustments to your storage options; you can simply redesign your kitchen from an aesthetics standpoint too.  This might not necessarily make your kitchen work a little more effectively, but it can make the room a lot more inviting for you and your family and your guests.  

The US National Kitchen and Bath Association reports that the color white has grown as the most popular color for a kitchen, by upwards of 20 percent over the past few years.  Gray is also trendy: both shades are easy to accentuate with similarly neutral tones and pops of bright color.  

Color schemes, though, are not the only ways to improve your kitchen’s aesthetics. You can change the lighting, the lighting fixtures, install quartz or marble counter tops, or just switch out the KSI Cabinetry hardware. What you choose to do, of course, can largely depend on the extent of your budget.