Indoor outdoor living

Fall in Calgary is one of the best times of year. The heat of the summer is gradually fading away, but the cold harsh temperatures of winter haven’t yet arrived. The days are still light into the evening and the colors of the trees become mesmerizing as the season progresses. However, once the first frost hits, the early mornings and late afternoons become too cold to be outside for long periods of time without having to bundle up, but it feels like a waste to be trapped in your living room on those crisp fall days.

Enter the idea of indoor outdoor living through a sunroom. The main premise of indoor outdoor living is that you get all the benefits of outdoor living – the colors and the sunshine, while losing all the downsides – the cold air and unpredictable weather patterns. Living a sunroom lifestyle in fall makes perfect sense as the large number of windows will help you to feel like you’re outside, while the insulation from those windows keeps the room at a comfortable temperature without the need for a heat source. To maximize your feeling of indoor outdoor living, try these sunroom tips:

  • Face furniture toward the windows – while your sunroom should be a sociable room, having all the couches and chairs face towards an inner central point detracts from the beautiful scenery outside. Try turning the room into two different seating areas, each centered around a different window. Have the chairs set an angle so that people sitting in them can still see each other but the main focus is on the view out of the window.
  • Keep the windows clean – as stupid as it sounds, really clean windows trick the eye into believing that there is no glass in front of them. The minute that you get a fingerprint on the inside or rain streaks on the outside, the pretense of invisibility is ruined. Regular cleaning with Windex and a soft cloth will keep them clear for your indoor outdoor living this fall in Calgary.
  • Install a large mirror – the wall that attaches to the main part of your home is an obvious place for a statement piece of artwork, but if you’re aiming for a true sunroom lifestyle, think about hanging the largest mirror that your wall studs can hold. The effect of this will be to make the outside feel like it fully surrounds you, creating the illusion that you’re outdoors without the cold to distract you.

While you try maximizing the illusion of sitting outside, you want to make sure that your sunroom is well stocked with all the fall creature comforts that make the inside part of indoor-outdoor living so appealing. Setting up an apple cider or hot chocolate bar for guests to use will feel decadent as the temperatures start to drop outside, as will busting out fleece blankets for snuggling under. After all, indoor outdoor living is all about getting the best of both worlds and making the most of your sunroom for another season.