Importance of Attic Insulation for Your Home

In Northern America at least 90% of homes are under insulated, if your home falls in that category, you should go for proper insulation. As Calgary is in a cold region, keeping your house warm is a real challenge and if you can’t keep it warm in winter then get ready for big bills for heating. This year also the Department of Energy predicts that the prices of heating oil and natural gas will rise in the winter. Attic Insulation is a very important factor for a homeowner.

There is another option to keep you warm; you get used to wearing bulky sweaters indoors to cut costs. But only proper attic insulation can put a lid on your heating bills and make you stay inside your house comfortably.

With attic insulation you have to make attic ventilation. If ventilations are not done properly your insulation will be a waste of money as this will create damps and slowly mold will develop on the damp areas making your house unhealthy to stay in.

How to inspect my attic insulation and ventilation?

There are companies which do attic inspections, you should call them and hire an energy auditor, and they will inspect and let you know how much more insulation is necessary for your house, the current R value and the R value you need or any repair is required of your old installation.  Also, they will suggest you in any more ventilation are necessary or improvement of the vent is required in your attic.

Where can you find an insulation and ventilation repair experts?

It isn’t difficult to find Attic Instillation in Calgary expert nor Attic Ventilation experts. You can find them easily through the web. Most of these services now advertise online so you can get hold of a good company very easily.