Hypoallergenic pillowcase – How to pick the right one?


More than twenty-five percent of people of our country experience allergies of different types. However, in most cases, dust mite is the major factor, causing allergies to lots of people. You do not know where they have hidden in your households. They are small bugs that may be seen with a microscope. The most common place, where these bugs love to reside, is your beddings. Due to the presence of these microscopic bugs, you may have itchiness, eye issues and inflammation on the skin. While you are on your bed, you stay in contact with pillows for several hours. For preventing the dust, you may have bought king size pillow case.

The hypoallergenic technology used in a pillowcase

Most of the pillowcase buyers focus on the size of their product to know whether it fits their pillows. For instance, they check out if it is queen or king pillow case. However, it is also essential to assess all other features of those pillow covers. Protect your cozy pillow with the hypoallergenic covers. Nowadays, lots of health-conscious consumers look for anti-allergy beddings. As the pillow case is also a part of the beddings, it should also be hypoallergenic. In addition to dust mites, there are several other types of allergens, like mold, pollens, bacteria, mildew and droppings of cockroaches. Thus, with the specially designed pillowcases, you can stay away from various diseases.

The best quality hypoallergenic king pillowcases are intended to enclose or cover the pillows fully.

You can pick one, which has zipper system, or it is better to choose the cover that gives comprehensive protection.  Thus, protection should be the major factor while Buy king pillowcases with the hypoallergenic feature.

What fabric has been used for the pillow cover?

Hypoallergenic or anti-allergy pillowcases are designed with mostly the nonporous materials that keep out all the allergens. The common fabrics, used for these pillowcases, include wool, cotton, latex and polyester. However, the best brands also try to blend several other materials in order to give you comfort. You may try to find non-porous fabrics, which are not uncomfortable and stiff in nature. The latest pillowcases are designed with unique technology for providing the best output.

Is the pillowcase durable?

Whether you have purchased any hypoallergenic cover or ordinary pillowcase, you try to have the maximum value from your investment. You like to use the pillowcase for several years. Thus, one of the main factors to the buyers is the durability. The pillowcases should not get torn or become worn-out within few months. The best products are impermeable as well as solid in nature. While there is any tear in the pillowcase, the mites and bugs may get into your pillows and find their home. Thus, buy only the durable pillowcases for king size pillows.

Size of pores in the fabric

It is another important feature because if the pores are very big, allergens can pass through them. Most of the experts have said that the best size should range from five to nine. This size helps you to avert the access of pollens, dander and mites.

Comfort level from a pillowcase

We have seen that old style hypoallergenic pillowcases are very rigid or stiff. They do not help you to enjoy the comfort, offered by your pillow. We always like to have comfort from our pillows, and thus it is better to rely on pillowcases, which are softer in quality and have no crinkly nature. Moreover, you should also test out the breathability of the fabric. While the airflow through your pillowcase is not smooth, you will feel hot all over a night. You may not be able to sleep comfortably.

Is it noisy?

The noisy atmosphere is not good for your sleep. If you have chosen the wrong pillow covers, it may cause crinkling noise, while you try to move your body. As one of the noise sensitive users, you have to pay attention to this feature. Good-looking king pillow cases, with no issues of creating noise, are the right choices for you.

Apart from all the above factors, you can find a difference in cost. The higher-quality, more comfortable pieces may be costly. However, they will give you better protection and ultimate value to meet all your needs.

So, to stay away from the allergens, the modern hypoallergenic pillows give you the best solution. We know that you try to clean your beddings regularly to remove the dust and allergens. Though it is the best step for all users, you may also look for the anti-allergy pillow covers, which offer you an extra protection. The reputed brands are trying to innovative the most effective and functional pillowcases. These pillowcases are also available in white, black and grey color. Thus, you can add better style to your bedroom.