How toTransfer your email from Google to G Suite

Migration or Transfer your email from Google to G Suite is quite easy and just employ few steps for you too. Let’s see those steps before heaving ahead:

  1. First of all, signing trough the Google Admin console, you need to sign in through the administrator account.
  2. You can switch from Admin Console dashboard to the data migration. Data migration is not an upfront option, you can only able to see the same when you click on more controls in bottom.
  3. Select your email option and then you can choose to continue.
  4. Now, from the data migration source list you can choose Gmail.
  5. And can click on connect.
  6. There will be some default options you will see
  7. Accept all the default options and choose whether you want to delete the migrate or not.
  8. Post making a choice select the users.
  9. Then from the Migrate field, do enter your Gmail address.
  10. Now here you are, in the migrate to option type your G suite email address and make a selection from the selected users.
  11. The respective Gmail Account owner should allow you to choose the option and give you the permission to continue.
  12. Choose the respective authorisation code from the admin console.

Do Transfer your email from Google to G Suite for the better functionality and you will be able to have the best user interface, and you will definitely enjoy the migration. But before doing the same do read these steps carefully as you skip any it will be difficult to go forward in the future so discover the best services from Google and then go forward for the G-suite.

These options will help you in solving your query of migration and we are very much sure that it will result in good for you as well.