When carrying out maintenance or home repairs, suspended ceilings are an easier and inexpensive option. One of the best parts about installing a suspended ceiling is that it not only saves you time but also gives you easy access to the overhead plumbing or electrical wires, all you need to do is remove a panel or two. Basement Ceilings by Snap Clip is the best choice if you are looking to install a suspended ceiling in your basement.

The drawback of having a suspended ceiling is that it not only takes away the height of the room but also gives it a commercial feel. However, there are ways in which you can make the old boring suspended ceiling aesthetically pleasing and blend it with the décor your room. Here is how you can do so.

Is it possible to paint the tiles?

Yes, it is possible to paint the ceiling tiles using the regular latex paint, that you use for your walls. Painting the ceiling can make the ceiling appear higher depending on the colour that you have chosen. You can also paint the metal braces of the suspended ceiling either with the same colour as the tiles or a complementary colour. Going for a complimentary paint can add patterned effect to the ceiling, which may make your ceiling appear to be higher and the room to be larger than it is. Whether you choose to paint only the tiles or the bracing or both, make sure that you have some leftover paint. This leftover paint is to be used in case of painting the replacement tile or bracing.

What are the different types of tiles that are available?

It is a misconception that ceiling tiles are only available in white colour. Instead, they are available in varying shapes and sizes. If you want, you can make a unique ceiling pattern by combining various shapes and coloured tiles. When buying tiles, it is a good decision to buy some extra in case of damage. Mirrored tiles and heated tiles are just a few different kinds of tiles that are available. If you are planning to opt for mirror tiles, they add depth to the room. On the other hand, heated tiles as the name suggest radiate heat downwards warming the room.