How To Make A Small Kitchen Feel And Work Like A Bigger Kitchen

Some homeowners have to live with the idea of using a small kitchen. Although the space is small, there are various practical remodeling strategies available. All you need to do is to explore design options and alternatives. Here are some useful suggestions you can do to make your small kitchen feel bigger.

Use Light-Colored Paints

One way to make the space bigger is through the use of light-colored paints. Adding white paint on walls create an open and roomy feel to the space. If you are do not prefer, then you can select light pastel colors. Using such palette can also help complement design capabilities. Should you require professional assistance, you can consult with a kitchen remodeling Northern VA to meet design requirements.

Paints also apply to your cabinet color. If you are remodeling your kitchen, it is ideal to pattern the color of walls to cabinets. Having a single hue creates an impression of continuity to the eyes. You can achieve a bigger space because light tends to reflect using a light-colored palette. Interior designers will also suggest using dark colors paint such as black, brown, and navy charcoal to create the impression that walls are farther than normal.

Styling Shelves

Shelf selection is another way to create a bigger feel for your small kitchen. The process involves incorporating shelves in your kitchen design. During remodeling, you can instruct a kitchen remodeling Northern VA contractor to place shelves on strategic areas of the space. Using the approach creates an impression of expansive space. Another suggestion is to include minimal items on top. Excess clutter can become an obstacle to achieving your goal.

Small Footprint Furniture

Using furnishings with small footprint further accentuate a small space to become bigger. Examples of these are chairs with slender legs, narrow tables, and petite islands. Carefully placing these items in the room gives you the opportunity to save floor space and improve movement in surrounding areas. Moreover, you can consult with an interior designer to properly match items according to the theme and color of the space.

Flooring Solutions

Making adjustments to your flooring can create an impression of a larger kitchen space. The approach is suitable for homeowners seeking to pursue kitchen remodeling Northern VA projects. The strategy is to place the materials lengthways. It helps in elongating the room and allow people to see the room as wider than before. The concept applies whether you are using wood or tiles.


Finally, you can further accentuate a roomy space by offering different lighting setups. Natural light is ideal and make sure to provide windows that help in enlarging the space. Homeowners can also utilize decorative and overhead lighting to strategic locations of the room. Taking these areas into consideration can help you emphasize specific parts of your kitchen any time of the day.

The suggestions above should help you achieve a bigger look for your small kitchen. Part of the strategy feature remodeling tasks that you should carefully plan. Having a reputable contractor and interior design ideas in place can help you achieve the look you want.

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