How to Clean Your Air Conditioning Unit Yourself

The air conditioning unit inside many people’s houses and businesses are one of the most widely used machines, and the most neglected ones. Issues can be overlooked when people don’t know what they’re looking for. In many parts of the US, every house needs air conditioning Tampa is no exception.

With the constant need for air conditioning Tampa residents need to employ various techniques to make sure effective cleaning of their units is performed. This is to make sure the health of the machine is well preserved.

The air ducts within every residential home contain millions of particles.  Those are dusts, hair, pollen, spider webs, small insects, accumulated fallen debris, dead skin cells tossed by the air circulation, and many more. These small particles, when not eliminated can cause many health issues, the most typical ones are skin allergies, itchiness, asthma, sore eyes, and other respiratory problems.

The use of a heavy duty vacuum instead of a broom to remove the dust is a better option. Cleaning the vents with tepid water and rinsing it also helps to wash away the lumps of dirt and debris that have become stuck in it. A screwdriver, broom and cleaning brush, with detergents come in handy. Here are steps that can be used to clean your air conditioning units.

  1. Switch off the power connected to the heating and air conditioning system.
  2. Unhinge the air duct covers or grilles from the walls using the screwdriver. Use the brush to clean the grates and let the bristles glide thoroughly. If these grates appear to be very dusty and grimy, using detergent and water to polish them would be a good choice.
  3. Vacuum the ducts as much as possible to take all of the debris away. Renting a heavy duty vacuum may help best for this purpose. The standard household vacuum does not have enough power to conduct deep clean into the crevices and unreachable holes of the duct. With this intrinsic cleaning process, the mold and mildew proliferating inside the air ducts will be removed and will halt its growth. If you want an intensive clean for the ducts without the hassle of breaking anything, hiring a professional would be ideal.
  4. Clean the grilles located on your ceiling. If you are attempting to reach them using the vacuum or screwdriver, use a long broom to sweep off the dust that sticks onto your ceiling. Be sure to keep a mask on to avoid breathing in these particles. If you’ve neglected to clean the ceilings for a while, the thick dust and debris will fall onto the floor, which you’ll need to clean later.

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